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Wide Range of Cytokines & Growth Factors

PromoCell GmbH

Wide Range of Cytokines & Growth Factors

PromoKine offers a huge and continuously growing range of recombinant cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, soluble receptors and CD antigens (human, mouse, rat) that are produced in E. coli, yeast, insect, plant or mammalian cells. They are highly purified, biologically active and stable and are available in standard and very economic bulk sizes.

PromoKine has also extended its range of animal-free cytokines and growth factors that are produced in plants and are thus free of animal components, serum, endotoxins and antibiotics. These are also free of human, animal or bacterial infectious agents as well as other endogenous mammalian agents that might cause unwanted cell responses. They show very low proteolytic, pyrogenic and inflammatory activity compared to other commercially available proteins. Moreover, they retain proper eukaryotic folding and glycosylation, resulting in increased stability and biological activity. 

In addition, PromoKine offers a huge variety of high-quality antibodies and ELISAs for the analysis of cytokines and growth factors as well as other interesting targets in cell biology.

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Contact Information:

PromoCell GmbH

phone: +49 6221 649 34 0 (North America: +1 866-251-2860)



The new BioBLU 1 vessels fill the gap between the BioBLU 0.3 mini-scale bioreactors and the larger BioBLU 5c.


The Eppendorf BioBLU family of rigid-walled stirred-tank single-use vessels is growing: The new BioBLU 1 vessels fill the gap between the BioBLU 0.3 mini-scale bioreactors and the larger BioBLU 5c. Available for cell culture (320 mL - 1.25 L working volume) and microbial applications (250 mL - 1.25 L) they perfectly add to the Eppendorf portfolio of scalable single-use solutions. Scientists working in cell culture and microbial process development benefit from BioBLU 1 through easy handling, minimized set-up time and the elimination of cleaning and sterilization steps. Parallel processing of 4, 8 or more vessels using DASGIP Control software shortens development times and reduces costs.

  • Parallel temperature control with the Eppendorf DASGIP® Bioblock (adaptor kits available)
  • Proven cell culture single-use design with pitched blade impellers
  • Fermentation vessel featuring Rushton-type impellers and innovative baffles for cooling
  • Liquid-free exhaust condensation with Peltier technology


Eppendorf AG Bioprocess Center

Rudolf-Schulten-Str. 5

52428 Juelich


Tel. + 49 (0) 2461 980 400

Fax + 49 (0) 2461 980 499




PeproGrow-1 is designed to be used as a supplement to serum-free cell culture media formulations.


PeproGrow-1 (Catalog # 700-C100) is designed to be used as a supplement to serum-free cell culture media formulations that can sustain the growth of adherent mammalian cell lines, and has been tested with HEK-293, HeLa, and A549 cells. This kit could potentially improve the culturing conditions of other adherent cells, but suitability for cells other than those pre-tested is not guaranteed. PeproGrow-1 is protein-free, has a chemically defined composition, and does not contain any animal-derived materials. It is intended specifically to be used with DMEM/F12 basal media (Invitrogen catalog # 10565*) and contains enough material to supplement 10L of media.


Dr. Peter Bubeck, Produktmanager

PeproTech GmbH

Oberaltenallee 8

22081 Hamburg

Tel.:  040/73435-7770

Fax.: 040/73435-7779


The PromoCell MSC Growth Medium DXF eliminates the risks of using traditional FCS-containing MSC media and this innovative formulation provides significant benefits.


Chemically defined and humanized culture of MSC

Undifferentiated Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) can be expanded in vitro to produce of large numbers of cells. For this expansion, traditional MSC culture media that contains special pre-qualified lots of fetal calf serum has been necessary. In addition to the serious ethical concerns relating to the use of FCS, this ill-defined component of animal origin is the major obstacle in providing consistent culture conditions and optimal performance of MSC.

The PromoCell MSC Growth Medium DXF eliminates the risks of using traditional FCS-containing MSC media. This innovative formulation provides significant benefits:

·  Chemically defined

·  Humanized: animal-free / xeno-free

·  No adaption of cells required

·  Outstanding expansion performance

·  Maintenance of multipotency

·  Supports primary isolation

·  Standardized: minimal lot-to-lot variation

·  Cost effective: more cells with less medium

For economical serum-free routine culture of MSC, the MSC Growth Medium DXF may be used in combination with bovine fibronectin as an ECM coating and our Detach Kit. For chemically defined culture conditions, the trypsin-containing DetachKit should be replaced by the Cell Dissociation Solution ACF. The use of human fibronectin and the Cell Dissociation Solution ACF completes the MSC Growth Medium DXF to yield a powerful animal-free and chemically defined complete culture system.

See also our current promotion on MSC Growth Media:

More Information:

PromoCell GmbH

Sickingenstrasse 63/65

69126 Heidelberg

Tosoh Bioscience

The packing materials and packed columns are an ideal choice for high performance liquid chromatography.

Tosoh Bioscience

Extensively used in laboratories all over the world, our TSKgel is designed for researchers seeking the highest level of performance. Covering the total range of HPLC, this product is made from small, spherical particles and offers high resolution (even at high flow rates), excellent reproducibility, and long column life. Scaling up from analytical to preparative columns is made simple and easy.


Tosoh Bioscience GmbH

Zettachring 6

70567 Stuttgart


Tel: +49-711-132570

Fax: +49-711-1325789 

Advanced Analytical Technologies

The Fragment Analyzer™ by Advanced Analytical is a fluorescence-based capillary electrophoresis instrument for both sizing and quantifying nucleic acids (DNA and RNA).

Advanced Analytical Technologies

By using a sensitive intercalating dye coupled with a powerful LED light source, Fragment Analyzer™ Automated CE System obviates the need for fluorescent labeled primers and can be used to separate dsDNA fragments and RNA (mRNA and total RNA). The Fragment Analyzer™ Automated CE System is the most flexible system on the market today, with the greatest sensitivity, the highest separation resolution over a wide range, the widest dynamic range and the fastest separation times.

This instrument comes available for customers who wish to run either 12 samples or 96 samples at a time.

Currently kits are available to:

• quantify and qualify NGS fragments.
• quantify and qualify RNA.
• quantify and qualify genomic DNA.
• do Mutation Detection, also known as TILLiNG, a reverse genetics technique.

The application kits help laboratories to streamline workflow and avoid bottlenecks typically found with competitive lab-on-a-chip methods. Gels formulated to provide high resolution separation are also available for general fragment analysis, such as SSR/microsatellites, small and large PCR fragments (amplicons) and resolve fragments sized between 10 bp and 40,000 bp with resolution down to 2bp.

Each and every kit is performance-tested prior to shipment to ensure quality, accuracy and ease of use for customers. Most kits require a single pipetting step before placement of the sample plate onto the instrument.

An analytical software package, PROSize™, greatly reduces post-separation analysis time. Put them all together — the instrument itself, the QC-tested application kits, and the analytical software — and the combination makes the Fragment Analyzer™ Automated CE System a powerful package for reducing labor and improving lab workflow and throughput.


Advanced Analytical Technologies GmbH

Lutz Büchner

Im Neuenheimer Feld 583

69120 Heidelberg

Tel.: +49-(0)-6221-868058-20 

ForteBio - a division of Pall Life Sciences

ForteBio announced the launch of the Octet® HTX system, the new flagship member of the Octet line of label-free interaction analysis systems.

ForteBio - a division of Pall Life Sciences

ForteBio, a division of Pall Life Sciences and a leading supplier of instrumentation for accelerated drug discovery and development, today announced the launch of the Octet® HTX system, the new flagship member of the Octet line of label-free interaction analysis systems. The Octet HTX system addresses the acute industry need for increased analysis speed and sample throughput when characterizing large numbers of therapeutic candidates.

Octet systems provide unique insights into drug-target binding interactions, insights that are used to fine-tune the affinity and specificity of drug molecules. The Octet HTX instrument performs kinetic analysis of up to 96 binding interactions simultaneously, a capability offered by no other stand-alone label-free platform. The system offers dramatic time savings for researchers studying large panels of drug candidates, and provides innovative data analysis tools for developers of monoclonal antibodies and other biotherapeutic entities. In addition, the Octet HTX performs full 96-well plate determinations of protein concentrations in as little as 2 minutes.

“The need for higher analytical throughput is a central theme with our pharmaceutical and biopharm customers,” noted Robert Wicke, General Manager at Pall’s ForteBio Division. “We believe researchers will be delighted by the Octet HTX system. The HTX system was engineered for speed while maintaining peak performance, and will directly address critical bottlenecks in the drug development process.”

The Octet HTX system was unveiled today at the BioProcess International 2013 conference in Boston, Mass.

Gemma Milan

Phone 1-650-289-6800


Gel-free. Blot-free. Hands-free. A Simple Western is the Western you know well, only simplified.


Gel-free. Blot-free. Hands-free.

A Simple Western is the Western you know well, only simplified. It is not a workaround to the existing process, a Western-like substitute, or a partial solution. It's the real thing, completely reinvented. We at ProteinSimple think that's something to get excited about!

Get your time back. Load your samples in Simon, Sally or Peggy, press start and go enjoy your new hands-free time. Come back a few hours later to fully analyzed results.
Get more consistency. People introduce variability—we arehuman after all. Simple Westerns are fully automated, so they just give you more reproducible data.
Get truly quantitative. Since blot transfer of proteins isn't needed, you can get straight to real, quantitative results.
Get more efficient. Sometimes you can only squeeze out enough sample for one experiment. Simple Westerns require a lot less protein and antibody so you have enough for those replicates.

• Learn about Simple Westerns
• Learn about Peggy
• Learn about Sally
• Learn about Simon
• Learn about NanoPro 1000
• Learn about Compass Software 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
• Simple Western Systems Comparison Chart


Dr. Markus Goddemeier

Sales Specialist

T: +49 (0)761 477 07 63

M: +49 (0)162 985 79 53

Acro Associates, Inc.

The Model 936 pneumatic pinch valve is a 2-way, compressed air or gas operated pinch valve that is designed to work with Shore A class flexible tubing.

Acro Associates, Inc.
  • Designed for bioprocessing systems applications such as single-use disposable (SSD), filling, mixing, dispensing, me- dia production and more
  • Supports user selectable tubing up to 1.5” Outer Diameter and 4 bar/58 psi media pressure
  • Built in user safety for finger crushing hazards for GLP/GMP
  • Available in 316L stainless steel or black anodized alumi- num material formats

The Model 936 pneumatic pinch valve is a 2-way, compressed air or gas operated pinch valve that is designed to work with Shore A class flexible tubing. Its robust design allows users the flexibility to select various types of biopharm or medical tubing within guideline specifications. The panel mount ready unit support tubing sizes from 1.0 to 1.5 inch outer diameter (25—38 mm), up to 65-Shore A and media pressures up to 58 psi/4 bar that allow for medium to large fluid volume movement. Built in tube loading and replace- ment safety lockouts ensures GLP/GMP compliancy preventing us- er finger or hand injury. Internal seals prevent liquid penetration inside the unit. Configured as either normally-open, or closed de- fault formats. Panel or base mountable and an optional state sen- sor is available.

Contact Information:

Acro Associates Europe

Windmolen 22

7609 NN Almelo

The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 (0) 548 659 084

Fax: +31 (0) 548 659 010

Acro Associates North America

1990-A Olivera Road Concord, CA 94520 USA

Tel.: +1 925 676 8828

Fax: +1 925 680 8113


Synergy™ Neo is an HTS multi-mode microplate reader designed specifically for today's screening and core laboratories.


Synergy Neo has all the features expected in an HTS screening instrument, including multiple parallel detectors for ultra-fast measurements and a dedicated filter-based system for live cell assays. With a load/unload plate transfer time of about 6 seconds per plate, Synergy Neo ’s optional integrated plate stacker is the fastest stacker on the market, allowing walk-away automation of short- or long-term assays. Synergy Neo also meets today's diverse assay requirements by incorporating features such as a powerful 100 mW laser-based excitation source for Alpha assays, a unique patented Hybrid optical design, advanced temperature control to 65°C, orbital and linear shaking. Ease of use and user confidence are key to the design of Synergy Neo ’s unique filter cubes that are barcode labeled for positive filter ID - limiting the possibility of errors and streamlining the workflow, while an available image-based barcode reader can scan both 1D and 2D barcode-labeled plates. The outstanding functionality of Synergy Neo is controlled by the powerful, yet easy to use, Gen5 2.0 Data Analysis Software. If you are involved in the HTS screening world, Synergy Neo was designed just for you.

For more information please visit:

Cambridge Epigenetix Ltd.

Cambridge Epigenetix Ltd., a spin out biosciences company, has announced the launch of its innovative TrueMethyl™ Kits.

Cambridge Epigenetix Ltd.

Available to order now via its website at, the kits represent a ground-breaking development for the epigenetics industry.  

TrueMethyl™ brings unprecedented clarity to the analysis of DNA by providing quantitative, accurate and repeatable single-base resolution sequencing of the modified bases hydroxymethylcytosine (5-hmC) and methylcytosine (5-mC) for the first time.  Early studies indicate that these modifications may have distinct and important physiological functions.

Traditional bisulfite sequencing cannot discriminate between 5-hmC and 5-mC. Recent studies have shown that at some sites in the genome the level of 5-hmC can be comparable to the level of 5-mC, emphasizing the importance of identifying these variants accurately. The high quality and easy to use TrueMethyl™ kits utilize innovative oxidative bisulfite sequencing (oxBS-Seq), a chemistry-based technology invented by Prof. Shankar Balasubramanian and Michael Booth from the University of Cambridge.

TrueMethyl™ kits can be used with a variety of common platforms including next generation sequencing systems, methylation arrays, and targeted assays. Trials of the kits conducted at leading research centers around the world have already begun to yield new insights into genome function and highlighted the advantages of TrueMethyl™ relative to traditional approaches.

Prof. Wolf Reik, group leader at the The Babraham Institute and the senior author of the recently published Cell Stem Cell paper which is the first published study using TrueMethyl™ said, “Employing chemical oxidation gives very high conversion efficiencies and minimises sequence context effects, giving results of unparalleled quality. Consequently, this pioneering analytical method opens new avenues for basic research, pharmaceutical discovery and diagnostics. This technology was pivotal in enabling us to accurately profile 5-hmC and 5-mC during demethylation of DNA.”

To find out more about Cambridge Epigenetix and the TrueMethyl kits please visit or email

Media Contact:

Holly Jobbins, The Scott Partnership

Tel: +44 (0) 1477 539539


Corporate Contact:

Dr. Jason Mellad, CEGX

Tel: 1-800-754-5916


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