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FlexAct® - The new benchmark for operational flexibility


FlexAct® - The new benchmark for operational flexibility

FlexAct® is a new system that enables you to custom- configure single-use solutions for entire biomanufacturing steps. The FlexAct® system consists of the central opera- ting module that offers the widest variety of configuration options so you can take complete control of practically any steps in upstream and downstream processing.

Sartorius Stedim Biotech presents the FlexAct® BP for buffer preparation. Next in line are media preparation (MP), cell harvest (CH), UF | DF crossflow (UD), virus removal (Vr), virus inactivation (VI), polishing (PO), form | fill (FF) and form | transfer (FT).

The core of FlexAct®, the central operating module (COM), has been designed to be used in any application. This means you can quickly reconfigure FlexAct® in just a few easy steps. For example, take the FlexAct® BP for buffer preparation and effortlessly convert it into FlexAct® VR for virus removal.

And it goes without saying that the technologies and products used in FlexAct® are scalable. This makes FlexAct® a future-proof system in every respect; one that gives you the greatest possible flexibility.


Dominic Grone

Group Corporate Communications

Sartorius AG








PromoKine offers a wide range of products for cell analysis including numerous kits for fast, convenient and sensitive measurement of cell viability/proliferation, cytotoxicity, cell death and apoptosis, cell stress and metabolism as well as reporter gene expression.

PromoCell GmbH

PromoKine’s Fluorometric Cell Viability Kits are based on resazurin or calcein-AM conversion while our Colorimetric Cell Viability Kits utilize reduction of different tetrazolium salts (e.g. MTT, XTT, WST-1 & WST-8), and the Bioluminescent Cell Viability Kits measure ATP levels as a marker for cell viability in a luciferase assay. 

Our Cytotoxicity Kits quantify the amount of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) or adenylate kinase (AK) released from damaged cells either colorimetrically or by using a luminometer.

PromoKine’s Apoptosis Assays include various kits for detection and quantitation of e.g., caspase activity, annexin V binding, DNA fragmentation or mitochondrial changes.
Moreover, PromoKine provides Reporter Assay Kits (beta-galactosidase, luciferase, GFP) as well as a selection of small-sized reporter plasmids and fusion plasmids (target gene fused with GFP or luciferase gene).

In addition, you will find in our catalog and on our website a wide range of other interesting products for cell biology research such as numerous high-quality and economically priced recombinant proteins (e.g. caspases, kinases, cytokines, chemokines & growth factors), a variety of primary and secondary antibodies and ELISA kits as well as premium, user-friendly reagents and kits for optimal cell transfection, fluorescent staining of cell structures, labeling of biomolecules (proteins, antibodies and nucleic acids) and the detection, elimination and prevention of mycoplasma and bacterial contamination in cell culture.

For more information and pricing please visit our website:


PromoCell GmbH

Sickingenstrasse 63/65

69126 Heidelberg


Tel.: +49 6221 - 649 34 0

Fax: +49 6221 - 649 34 40


ReadyTector is an easy, quick and clear all-in-one detection solution for Western blotting.

Candor Bioscience GmbH

All-in-one solution for Western blots

The one-step solution contains all ingredients for quick immunodetection. Only a specific primary antibody has to be added. “All-in-one” stands for all ingredients in one solution as well as for all-in-one step. Blocking and binding of primary and secondary antibodies are carried out simultaneously. 

The only additional step is washing with the specific ReadyTector Wash Buffer.

ReadyTector for Western blotting is easy, quick and clear:

  • easy – very simple procedure
  • quick – very fast procedure with very quick results
  • clear – no background

The ReadyTector kit contains the all-in-one Solution and the Wash Buffer. Bottle sizes of 40 ml, 120 ml and 500 ml are available.


Candor Bioscience GmbH

Simoniusstrasse 39

88239 Wangen, Germany

Tel.: +49(0)-7522-7952-70

Fax: +49(0)-7522-7952-729


The LiposoFast-Basic produces unilamellar liposomes by the manual extrusion of a multilamellar liposome suspension through a polycarbonate membrane of defined pore size, using gas-tight, glass syringes.


1. Principle of Operation 

The LiposoFast-Basic produces unilamellar liposomes by the manual extrusion of a multilamellar liposome suspension through a polycarbonate membrane of defined pore size, using gas-tight, glass syringes. The sample is passed through the membrane by pushing the sample back and forth between two syringes. 

2. Temperature Control 

The entire LiposoFast-Basic can be immersed in a water bath for use with high transition temperature lipids or heat sensitive compounds. 

3. Accessories 

The optional LiposoFast-Stabilizer was designed to simplify the repetitive use of the LiposoFast-Basic as well as the extrusion of highly concentrated samples. It accommodates both 0.5mL and 1.0mL syringes. 

4. Free Trial 

This instrument is available for a free trial. Simply contact us and we can send it to you. If after the trial you are not satisfied with it or it does not suit your research, simply send it back.


Avestin Europe GmbH

Weinheimer Straße 64b

68309 Mannheim 


Michael Fischer

Tel. +49 (0621) 724-5980

Fax +49 (0621) 724-5813 


Today, embryonic stem cells (ESC) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) represent the most significant types of pluripotent stem cells (PSC).

PromoCell GmbH

In the beginning, ESC were cultured on feeder cell layers, primarily murine embryonic fibroblasts (MEF), in non-defined culture media containing fetal calf serum (FCS). Later on, FCS would be replaced by somewhat more defined serum replacements and the introduction of extracellular matrix (ECM) coatings supporting self-renewal of ESC allowed for feeder-free culture using feeder-cell conditioned medium. However, the culture process remained time-consuming, laborious and poorly defined.

In recent years PSC-culture has experienced significant technical progress. Chemically defined media compositions became a standard, followed by the first xeno-free defined formulations. However, all these culture systems still depended on non-defined, xenogenic and poorly standardized ECM preparations – a contradiction in terms when using defined / xeno-free media. Importantly, research recently overcame this hurdle, identifying natural as well as synthetic ECM molecules and peptides that support undifferentiated PSC-expansion. Scientists are now capable of completely defined / humanized derivation and culture of hPSC.

Despite these recent technical advancements, the established hPSC culture systems still share unfavourable properties. Most of them use supra-physiologically high amounts of growth factors and / or contain substances purified from human or animal origin. In addition animal-derived and / or non-defined ECM is used. The PromoCell hPSC Growth Medium DXF consequently eliminates these disadvantages:

  • Chemically defined / xeno-free complete culture system
  • No human / animal derived components
  • Physiologically low in growth factors

This optimal culture environment allows for a well-controlled culture process, consistent and reproducible performance, robust support of pluripotency and improved cloning efficiency.

In combination with the extracellular matrix hPSC-ECM DXF and the hPSC Dissociation Buffer DXF, PromoCell provides a defined and xeno-free complete culture system for human pluripotent stem cells.


PromoCell GmbH

Sickingenstrasse 63/65

69126 Heidelberg


+49 6221 649 34 0


The BioBLU 0.3f and BioBLU 1f Single-use Vessels allow microbial process development at the highest level.


The BioBLU 0.3f and BioBLU 1f Single-use Vessels allow microbial process development at the highest level. These rigid wall stirred-tank single-use vessels have been specifically designed for high cell density fermentation with bacteria, fungi and yeast. BioBLU f vessels can be used with the Eppendorf DASbox® and DASGIP® Parallel Bioreactor Systems.

Compared to cell culture applications, fermentation processes require much higher kLa values for proper mass transfer as well as suitable heating and cooling options. Proven stirred-tank design, powerful overhead drives featuring Rushton-type impellers and innovative baffles for cooling make the BioBLU f vessels achieve these demands.

  • Reliable scalability through industrial design
  • Sealed magnetic overhead drives with encapsulated bearings and Rushton-type impellers for excellent mixing
  • High performance mass & heat transfer suitable for high cell density fermentation
  • Minimal set-up times and most easy handling
  • Liquid-free Peltier exhaust condenser
  • All wetted materials animal component free and USP Class VI certified
  • Working volumes: 65 – 250 mL (BioBLU 0.3f) and 250 mL – 1.25 L (BioBLU 1f)

Combine the advantages of single-use bioreactor technology with the reliable performance of conventional glass or stainless steel bioreactors for your fermentation – Discover the Eppendorf BioBLU f product line:


Eppendorf AG

Barkhausenweg 1

22339 Hamburg


Tel: +49 40 53801-0



PlateMaster is an amazingly easy to use, accurate solution for high throughput pipetting of 96 and 384 well plates.


PlateMaster is an amazingly easy to use, accurate solution for high throughput pipetting of 96 and 384 well plates. Its compact and ergonomic design means it can be used anywhere and by anyone for fast, effortless and reproducible pipetting of 96 channels.

Simple Operation

The manual 96-channel pipetting PlateMaster can easily be operated by everyone after an introduction of just 5 minutes. Being a manually controlled instrument there is no complicated and time-consuming programming. The operation is as easy and intuitive as with a manual pipette.

Fill a plate in a single dispense!

Filling of a 96-well plate requires less than 10 seconds. Loading of 384-well plates is possible without any problems in only four pipetting steps. For the first time high-throughput experiments can be performed by avoiding high costs and saving staff resources.

High Accuracy and Safety

By using high quality Pipetman tips an accuracy and precision level equalling an 8- or 12- channel pipette is achieved in a single motion. Additionally, the risk of double-pipetting entire rows or columns is avoided.

A tailored fit

Through a variety of accessories such as adapters for loading 384-well plates, reagent reservoirs or sample heater blocks, the PlateMaster can be fully adapted to your needs.

For further information material please click here 


Gilson International B.V. Deutschland

Hoenbergstr. 6 

65555 Limburg-Offheim 


Tel. +49 (06431) 21215-0

Fax +49 (06431) 21215-40 


The Celltron has been ideally adapted for use in CO2-incubators which allows researchers an entry into shaken cell culture, where they can profit from considerably improved cultivation results.


Your entry into shaken cell culture

Key Benefits:

  • Best results
  • Gentle magnetic drive
  • Antimicrobial surface
  • Minimal heat emission
  • Intuitive operation
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Maximum reliability

The Celltron has been ideally adapted for use in CO2-incubators. This allows researchers all over the world an entry into shaken cell culture, where they can profit from considerably improved cultivation results. Due to the minimal power consumption of only 4 watts, there is practically no heat dissipation into the incubator. This guarantees constant temperatures in the incubator and ideal conditions for cell culture.

The magnetic touch controller is affixed to the exterior of the incubator cabinet, allowing you to retain an overview of the operational status at all times. Visual and audible alarms are generated externally at the controller and can be immediately perceived – and that translates into reliability for your cells!

An additional plus for the cell culture user is the certified antimicrobial surface of the shaker, which reliably kills microorganisms.

For more information and your local sales office please visit:

Celltron – Move your cells!


Infors AG

Headoffice, Switzerland

Rittergasse 27

CH-4103 Bottmingen

T +41 (0)61 425 77 00

F +41 (0)61 425 77 01


MATra is an easy-to-handle, very fast and highly efficient technology for optimized transfection of cell lines and primary cells.

PromoCell GmbH

Magnet Assisted Transfection (MATra) is an easy-to-handle, very fast (15 minutes!) and highly efficient technology to transfect cells in culture. With MATra, all types of nucleic acids from plasmid DNA or siRNA to oligonucleotides can be delivered – even into hard-to-transfect cell types such as neuronal or stem cells. Using this new technique, nucleic acids are in a first associated with specific magnetic nanoparticles. A magnetic force is applied then and the nucleic acids will be quantitatively and quickly drawn towards and delivered into the target cells leading to efficient transfection without disturbing the membrane architecture and without causing chromosomal damage.  MATra can be used with adherent or suspension cells and is functional with or without serum. Compared to other transfection techniques (e.g. electroporation or lipofection), MATra results in extremely low cytotoxicity and is very cost-effective. MATra can also be adapted to high-throughput transfection assays using robotic stations and adapted protocols.

Our PromoFectin Transfection Reagent provides highly efficient and reproducible delivery of nucleic acids into a variety of cell types, including many hard-to-transfect cell lines and primary cells. It consists of a non-liposomal polymer that is stable, water-soluble and free of any components of animal origin. PromoFectin compacts and protects the nucleic acid of interest, enables efficient transport into the cells via endocytosis and allows for a rapid and almost complete release of the intact nucleic acid into the cytosol – all of which favor the delivery to the nucleus. Transfection with PromoFectin results in very low toxicity and is therefore ideally suited for the transfection of very sensitive cells, yielding optimal effects on gene expression. It can be used for adherent and non-adherent cells and the protocol does not require a medium change. Special cell type-specific PromoFectin variants are also available, which have been developed for an optimized transfection of e.g. endothelial cells (HUVECs, HDMECs etc.), hepatocytes, macrophages, dendritic or neuronal cells.

In addition, PromoKine provides a range of small-sized reporter plasmids (beta-galactosidase, luciferase, GFP, CAT, and SEAP) as well as fusion plasmids, which allow high-level expression of a target gene of interest with a GFP or luciferase fusion tag at its C- or N-terminus. The corresponding reporter assays (luciferase, beta-galactosidase & GFP) are also available.

See our current MATra and PromoFectin promotions at!


PromoCell GmbH

Sickingenstrasse 63/65

69126 Heidelberg


+49 6221 649 34 0


Revolutionise your performance by transforming your conventional, batch dynamic light scattering system into the stable, automated DynaPro Plate Reader.

Wyatt Technology Europe GmbH

Automated, high-throughput, temperature-controlled Dynamic Light Scattering

Revolutionise your performance by transforming your conventional, batch dynamic light scattering system into the stable, automated DynaPro™ Plate Reader. The DynaPro Plate Reader incorporates state of the art technology, providing superior filter-free high throughput dynamic light scattering (DLS or QELS) performance. The non-invasive technology measures samples directly from industry-standard microplates (96, 384, or 1536 well plates) using as little as 4 microliters of sample per well. After the plate is loaded into the DynaPro, the data are collected automatically, in an unattended manner, by the easy-to-use DYNAMICS® software, which supports full integration with industry leading liquid handling robotics. Once the data are collected the samples can be recovered and the plates discarded – no cleaning required!

Save valuable time and increase your productivity by factor 10 or more!

All in all, the DynaPro DLS Plate Reader will help you increase your productivity by a factor of 10 or more when sizing biomolecules and other nanoparticles compared to conventional batch DLS systems. With the DynaPro Plate Reader, you can perform the classic DLS applications but with more confidence. Samples can be loaded in duplicate or triplicate, and scanned several times by the Plate Reader, providing you with data that are a true measure of sample repeatability and reproducibility. Due to the low sample volumes and automated capability, these experiments can be performed in less time and without the hassles of conventional batch DLS. Moreover, because the DynaPro Plate Reader can operate in an unattended fashion, there is no additional ‘cost’ – your valuable time – associated with exploring a much larger number of solution conditions or protein or other nanoparticle constructs. The DynaPro can perform accelerated stability, thermal melting, and temperature studies of multiple samples in parallel.

New: The DynaPro Plate Reader is now available with Extended Temperature Control and On-board Camera! The onboard camera in the DynaPro Plate Reader II can automatically acquire and store images of each well, giving scientists a new dimension of data acquisition, and instant insight into the behavior of their samples.

For further information please click here.

Contact information:

Wyatt Technology Europe GmbH

Hochstrasse 18

56307 Dernbach


Telephone: +49-(0)2689-925-0


Life Technologies

This tool outlines the best products and services for your research needs, which can help save you weeks of hands-on time.

Life Technologies

From creating your gene to expressing your protein, Life Technologies offers a wide range of tools and expression systems that are easy to use, help enable rapid results, and offer high protein yields for every downstream application. This tool outlines the best products and services for your research needs, which can help save you weeks of hands-on time compared to using traditional methods. We even offer a complete service for the entire gene-to-protein workflow.

Request a copy of the Gene to Protein Brochure today by filling out the form here!

Or download the PDF version here!

Contactinformation for GeneArt® products and services:


Europe: Tel: +49 (0)941 942 76100 Fax: +49 (0)941 942 76780

America and Asia: Tel: 800 955 6288 option 4/4/1

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