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New transilluminators with blue light LEDs


New transilluminators with blue light LEDs

The Biometra GmbH, a company of the Analytik Jena AG, now offers illuminators with high-performance blue light LEDs for gel documentation purposes.

Blue light transilluminators are a quite interesting alternative to UV tables as there is no risk of sample damage during illumination. This is important when samples shall be processed furthermore after gel documentation. Users also benefit from it as there is no risk of UV exposure. Blue light excitation is applicable for fluorescent dyes for nucleic acid or protein stains with excitation wavelength around 470 nm. Examples for compatible stains are: SYBR® Green, GelGreenTM, SYBR® Safe, SYBR® Gold or SYPRO® Ruby. The amber lid of the instrument allows the direct view to the fluorescent samples. There is no need for separate glasses. 
The new blue light illuminators are available in two versions: "BLstar 9", the handy solution for mini gels and "BLstar 16" for gels up to size of 16 cm x 20 cm.

Contact information:

Hanna Engelhardt

Media Relations Life Science

Tel: +49 36 41 77-73 55

Fax: +49 36 41 77-92 79



upcyte® Hepatocytes are genetically enhanced primary hepatocyte human cell strains in virtually unlimited amounts.


upcyte® Hepatocytes are genetically enhanced primary hepatocyte human cell strains in virtually unlimited amounts.

They proliferate without being immortalized, whilst retaining their primary donor specific characteristics. Medicyte can provide you with up to 2000 vials of cells from each human hepatocyte donor! With over 90% plateability, availability of multiple donors and expression of drug metabolizing enzymes and transporters, these cells are ideal for CYP induction, inhibition or metabolism studies as well as cytotoxicity and genotoxicity assays. Try out upcyte® Hepatocytes and various application kits and find out for yourself their multiple advantages and benefits!

For more information about the upcyte® technology and other upcyte® products visit:


Medicyte GmbH

Im Neuenheimer Feld 581

69120 Heidelberg


Wyatt Technologies

The Optilab UT-rEX (UHPLC refractometer with EXtended range) is the first RI detector specifically designed for use with UHPLC systems using columns packed with small beads.


Using a combination of miniaturized components and cutting-edge semiconductor photodiode technology as well as proprietary computer algorithms, the UT-rEX presents a host of instrument firsts:

Besides UV, mass spectrometry, and evaporative light scattering, there has been no RI detector available for UHPLC applications until now. The linearity of the UT-rEX over a wide concentration range coupled with its sensitivity to samples that are not UV active, make it an exciting addition to UHPLC.

Considering the extremely small peak volumes of UHPLC, band broadening in the UT-rEX is kept to the absolute minimum, at less than 4 µL, as compared to 20-40 µL or more from other RI detectors. As a result, the superior resolution from UHPLC columns and instruments will not be compromised with the UT-rEX RI detector. 

In addition, the instrument has no range or gain settings. The full range of instrument detection is always present, and the full sensitivity exists over the entire range. The small flow cell and proprietary temperature regulation enable stable RI baselines and signals which further enhance the detector’s sensitivity.

The new Optilab UT-rEX can be operated below ambient temperatures as easily as above ambient. No hassle temperature control can be programmed down to 4°C or as high as 50°C. The Optilab UT-rEX is compatible with all UHPLC systems.

For further information please click here.

PALL Life Sciences

The XRS 20 Bioreactor System is a new single-use bioreactor system with unique agitation and control properties to improve cell culture performance.


The XRS 20 Bioreactor System is a new single-use bioreactor system with unique agitation and control properties designed for the cultivation of mammalian cells in suspension culture under controlled conditions and suitable for applications ranging from general life sciences research to seed train operations and full GMP production at the 2 to 20 liter scale.

Comprised of three components (XRS 20 Platform, XRS 20 Controller, and AllegroTM XRS 20 Biocontainers), the XRS System produces superior performance (as measured by higher density, better cell viability, and higher expression levels) compared to competitor rocker systems because its unique Bi-Axial agitation produces shorter mixing times and higher mass transfer properties.

  • More efficient mixing
  • Higher mass transfer
  • Improved cell growth kinetics
  • Operational simplicity
  • Full control of process parameters

Visit us on the Web at

Contact Informations:

Corporate Headquarters

Port Washington, NY, USA

+1.800.717.7255 toll free (USA)

+1.516.484.5400 phone e-mail

European Headquarters

Fribourg, Switzerland

+41 (0)26 350 53 00 phone e-mail

Asia-Pacific Headquarters


+65 6389 6500 phone e-mail


Solentim has announced the release of Cell Metric™ rapid, a high speed imaging and analysis system for cell line development.


Solentim, the developer of tools for shortening the upstream cell line development workflow, has announced the release of Cell Metric™ rapid, a high speed imaging and analysis system for cell line development. The new product can be used to quickly and reliably screen hundreds of plates from limited dilutions via automated image capture and analysis. By offering unmatched speed, Cell Metric™ rapid is ideal for large-scale projects investigating the optimal conditions for cell growth, processing many thousands of clones per day with walk-away ease of use. It will be launched and displayed at the 2nd Annual Cell Culture and Bioprocessing Conference in London (4-5 November), while more details can also be found on the Solentim website.

Using Cell Metric™ rapid, images from an entire 96-well plate can be captured in just 45 seconds, offering a more than three-fold improvement over the standard Cell Metric™. Clear, high resolution images are captured right up to the well edge to generate accurate, comprehensive and reproducible results. This makes it ideal for a wide range of analyses including confluence determination, clone selection and colony growth formation. The Cell Metric™ rapid can also integrate with Solentim’s well-proven, temperature-controlled microplate stacker and loader. This space-saving system holds a batch of 10 plates and has been designed to increase throughput as part of a workflow that reduces user intervention, maximising the use of resources and time. To achieve the highest levels of automation, the Cell Metric™ rapid can integrate with a wide variety of third-party robot arms, to form a completely automated robotic work cell.

Cell Metric™ rapid joins a growing product portfolio that offers market-leading clone imaging with significantly better optics and automated detection capabilities than previous generation products.  Existing users have reported shaving up to three months off the development of a new cell line when using the Cell Metric™, while the accuracy provided by the system’s high resolution, whole-well imaging maximises the number of single cells that can be positively identified as clonal.

Aaron Figg, Managing Director of Solentim commented, “Automated analysis systems have the potential to significantly improve commercial cell line development at every stage of the process, from calibration of the cell dispensing methods and liquid handling steps, to the clone selection and right through to the optimisation of growth conditions and scale-up ready for manufacture. Our customers continue to report significant improvements in their process quality, time and cost savings from incorporating Cell Metric™ into their workflows.”

For further details about Cell Metric™ rapid, visit the Solentim website.

Contact details:

Commercial Enquiries:

Solentim Ltd.
Dr. Ian Taylor
Tel.: +44 (0) 7554 446 185

Media Enquiries:

Chempetitive Group (UK office)

Dr Nicole Liska
Science Writer
Tel.: +44 (0) 1223 828 205

Pall Life Sciences

96-well filter plates pre-filled with a family of chromatography sorbents for sorbent screening, or to optimize conditions in high throughput mode for protein purification.

Pall Life Sciences

AcroPrep ScreenExpert Plates are a family of 96-well filter plates filled with Pall chromatography sorbents, to enable early chromatography sorbent screening for protein purification. Using these plates, various ligands can be screened to determine best selectivity option, and many purification conditions can be quickly optimized, with minimal sample consumption. Purification conditions optimized in AcroPrep ScreenExpert plates can then be transferred and scaled using Pall 1 mL or 5 mL PRC prepacked columns filled with the same sorbents. 

AcroPrep ScreenExpert plate packages offer:

Flexibility: One screening plate filled with MEP, HEA, and PPA HyperCel™ mixed-mode sorbents or two optimization plates: one filled with MEP HyperCel mixed-mode sorbent, and one filled with HyperCel STAR AX anion exchange sorbent - You select your preference.
Easy Scale Up: Perform Design of Experiments (DoE) in 96-well plates and transfer to column chromatography. 1 mL or 5 mL PRC pre-packed columns filled with relevant sorbents allow convenient verification and small preparative work.
Minimized Sample Consumption: 50 μL of sorbent per well, allowing small sample usage. 1 mL well volume and 100 to 500 μL working volume.
Convenience: A disposable format in a convenient individual package. Compatible with manual multi-well plate vacuum manifold or robotic workstation-assisted operations.

Click here to learn more.


The smart design of the Eppendorf DASbox makes the 4-fold units ideal for parallel processing of 4, 8, 12 or more bioreactors.


The smart design of the Eppendorf DASbox makes the 4-fold units ideal for parallel processing of 4, 8, 12 or more bioreactors. Together with the Eppendorf DASware® software solutions the DASbox supports process development following the Quality by Design (QbD) approach by providing comprehensive information management, integration of 3rd party analyzers, and Design of experiments (DoE) tools as well as remote access via PC, notebook, iPhone® and iPad®.

The DASbox requires only 7.5 cm (3 in) of bench space per bioreactor maximizing use of lab space while being expandable in 4-fold unit increments to increase capacity as needed. Small working volumes of 60 - 250 mL make it a perfect fit for clone/cell line screening, media optimization and small scale process development.

Suitable for microbiology and cell culture, the DASbox features advanced process control and precise monitoring of all critical process parameters.

  • Integrated Feeding and Monitoring: Variable speed pumps and standard pH and DO sensors (redox or level options and optical pH sensors available)
  • Liquid-free temperature control for easy handling
  • TMFC Gassing: Integrated mass flow-controlled gas mixing system for continuous mixing of Air, N2, O2 and CO2
  • LC Color Display: All vessels and parameters at a glance


Eppendorf AG Bioprocess Center

Rudolf-Schulten-Str. 5

52428 Juelich


Tel. + 49 (0) 2461 980 400

Fax + 49 (0) 2461 980 499




The new BioBLU 1 vessels fill the gap between the BioBLU 0.3 mini-scale bioreactors and the larger BioBLU 5c.


The Eppendorf BioBLU family of rigid-walled stirred-tank single-use vessels is growing: The new BioBLU 1 vessels fill the gap between the BioBLU 0.3 mini-scale bioreactors and the larger BioBLU 5c. Available for cell culture (320 mL - 1.25 L working volume) and microbial applications (250 mL - 1.25 L) they perfectly add to the Eppendorf portfolio of scalable single-use solutions. Scientists working in cell culture and microbial process development benefit from BioBLU 1 through easy handling, minimized set-up time and the elimination of cleaning and sterilization steps. Parallel processing of 4, 8 or more vessels using DASGIP Control software shortens development times and reduces costs.

  • Parallel temperature control with the Eppendorf DASGIP® Bioblock (adaptor kits available)
  • Proven cell culture single-use design with pitched blade impellers
  • Fermentation vessel featuring Rushton-type impellers and innovative baffles for cooling
  • Liquid-free exhaust condensation with Peltier technology


Eppendorf AG Bioprocess Center

Rudolf-Schulten-Str. 5

52428 Juelich


Tel. + 49 (0) 2461 980 400

Fax + 49 (0) 2461 980 499




PeproGrow-1 is designed to be used as a supplement to serum-free cell culture media formulations.


PeproGrow-1 (Catalog # 700-C100) is designed to be used as a supplement to serum-free cell culture media formulations that can sustain the growth of adherent mammalian cell lines, and has been tested with HEK-293, HeLa, and A549 cells. This kit could potentially improve the culturing conditions of other adherent cells, but suitability for cells other than those pre-tested is not guaranteed. PeproGrow-1 is protein-free, has a chemically defined composition, and does not contain any animal-derived materials. It is intended specifically to be used with DMEM/F12 basal media (Invitrogen catalog # 10565*) and contains enough material to supplement 10L of media.


Dr. Peter Bubeck, Produktmanager

PeproTech GmbH

Oberaltenallee 8

22081 Hamburg

Tel.:  040/73435-7770

Fax.: 040/73435-7779


The PromoCell MSC Growth Medium DXF eliminates the risks of using traditional FCS-containing MSC media and this innovative formulation provides significant benefits.


Chemically defined and humanized culture of MSC

Undifferentiated Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) can be expanded in vitro to produce of large numbers of cells. For this expansion, traditional MSC culture media that contains special pre-qualified lots of fetal calf serum has been necessary. In addition to the serious ethical concerns relating to the use of FCS, this ill-defined component of animal origin is the major obstacle in providing consistent culture conditions and optimal performance of MSC.

The PromoCell MSC Growth Medium DXF eliminates the risks of using traditional FCS-containing MSC media. This innovative formulation provides significant benefits:

·  Chemically defined

·  Humanized: animal-free / xeno-free

·  No adaption of cells required

·  Outstanding expansion performance

·  Maintenance of multipotency

·  Supports primary isolation

·  Standardized: minimal lot-to-lot variation

·  Cost effective: more cells with less medium

For economical serum-free routine culture of MSC, the MSC Growth Medium DXF may be used in combination with bovine fibronectin as an ECM coating and our Detach Kit. For chemically defined culture conditions, the trypsin-containing DetachKit should be replaced by the Cell Dissociation Solution ACF. The use of human fibronectin and the Cell Dissociation Solution ACF completes the MSC Growth Medium DXF to yield a powerful animal-free and chemically defined complete culture system.

See also our current promotion on MSC Growth Media:

More Information:

PromoCell GmbH

Sickingenstrasse 63/65

69126 Heidelberg

Tosoh Bioscience

The packing materials and packed columns are an ideal choice for high performance liquid chromatography.

Tosoh Bioscience

Extensively used in laboratories all over the world, our TSKgel is designed for researchers seeking the highest level of performance. Covering the total range of HPLC, this product is made from small, spherical particles and offers high resolution (even at high flow rates), excellent reproducibility, and long column life. Scaling up from analytical to preparative columns is made simple and easy.


Tosoh Bioscience GmbH

Zettachring 6

70567 Stuttgart


Tel: +49-711-132570

Fax: +49-711-1325789 

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