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Disposable PD-10 Desalting Columns


Disposable PD-10 Desalting Columns

Disposable PD-10 Desalting Columns offer an inexpensive and convenient alternative to lengthy and troublesome dialysis procedures. In minutes, biological samples are desalted and small molecular weight solutes are removed or exchanged with excellent recoveries of macromolecules.

  • Fast, affordable, high-recovery desalting and buffer exchange, as well as removal of low-molecular weight compounds packed with Sephadex G-25 Medium. 
  • Flexible protocols allow runs by gravity flow or centrifugation. 
  • Easy to use and equilibrate; apply sample; elute. 
  • Preparation of the samples in the range of 1.0 to 2.5 ml by gravity flow and 1.75 to 2.5 ml with centrifugation. 
  • Desalt multiple samples in parallel with a desalting capacity > 90%. 
  • Recovery in the range 70 to >95%. 

The instructions for Disposable PD-10 Desalting Columns have been updated with two new application protocols: gravity or centrifugation, to increase the flexibility of the product. The gravity protocol allows a simple cleanup of samples with one or several columns in parallel, without the need for a purification system. The spin protocol enables runs in parallel in a standard centrifuge with minimal dilution of the eluted sample.Four adapters are included in each product pack to enable easy centrifugation. Together with LabMate PD-10 Buffer Reservoir, wash and equilibration buffer can be applied in one step with the gravity flow protocol. Empty PD-10 columns are recommended for use with bulk media for affordable and versatile sample preparation.

Contact information:

Andrea Löhndorf, PhD, MBA
Marketing Manager EMEA
GE Healthcare Europe GmbH
Life Sciences
Mobil: +49(0) 174 92 36 400



The Celltron has been ideally adapted for use in CO2-incubators which allows researchers an entry into shaken cell culture, where they can profit from considerably improved cultivation results.


Your entry into shaken cell culture

Key Benefits:

  • Best results
  • Gentle magnetic drive
  • Antimicrobial surface
  • Minimal heat emission
  • Intuitive operation
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Maximum reliability

The Celltron has been ideally adapted for use in CO2-incubators. This allows researchers all over the world an entry into shaken cell culture, where they can profit from considerably improved cultivation results. Due to the minimal power consumption of only 4 watts, there is practically no heat dissipation into the incubator. This guarantees constant temperatures in the incubator and ideal conditions for cell culture.

The magnetic touch controller is affixed to the exterior of the incubator cabinet, allowing you to retain an overview of the operational status at all times. Visual and audible alarms are generated externally at the controller and can be immediately perceived – and that translates into reliability for your cells!

An additional plus for the cell culture user is the certified antimicrobial surface of the shaker, which reliably kills microorganisms.

For more information and your local sales office please visit:

Celltron – Move your cells!


Infors AG

Headoffice, Switzerland

Rittergasse 27

CH-4103 Bottmingen

T +41 (0)61 425 77 00

F +41 (0)61 425 77 01


MATra is an easy-to-handle, very fast and highly efficient technology for optimized transfection of cell lines and primary cells.

PromoCell GmbH

Magnet Assisted Transfection (MATra) is an easy-to-handle, very fast (15 minutes!) and highly efficient technology to transfect cells in culture. With MATra, all types of nucleic acids from plasmid DNA or siRNA to oligonucleotides can be delivered – even into hard-to-transfect cell types such as neuronal or stem cells. Using this new technique, nucleic acids are in a first associated with specific magnetic nanoparticles. A magnetic force is applied then and the nucleic acids will be quantitatively and quickly drawn towards and delivered into the target cells leading to efficient transfection without disturbing the membrane architecture and without causing chromosomal damage.  MATra can be used with adherent or suspension cells and is functional with or without serum. Compared to other transfection techniques (e.g. electroporation or lipofection), MATra results in extremely low cytotoxicity and is very cost-effective. MATra can also be adapted to high-throughput transfection assays using robotic stations and adapted protocols.

Our PromoFectin Transfection Reagent provides highly efficient and reproducible delivery of nucleic acids into a variety of cell types, including many hard-to-transfect cell lines and primary cells. It consists of a non-liposomal polymer that is stable, water-soluble and free of any components of animal origin. PromoFectin compacts and protects the nucleic acid of interest, enables efficient transport into the cells via endocytosis and allows for a rapid and almost complete release of the intact nucleic acid into the cytosol – all of which favor the delivery to the nucleus. Transfection with PromoFectin results in very low toxicity and is therefore ideally suited for the transfection of very sensitive cells, yielding optimal effects on gene expression. It can be used for adherent and non-adherent cells and the protocol does not require a medium change. Special cell type-specific PromoFectin variants are also available, which have been developed for an optimized transfection of e.g. endothelial cells (HUVECs, HDMECs etc.), hepatocytes, macrophages, dendritic or neuronal cells.

In addition, PromoKine provides a range of small-sized reporter plasmids (beta-galactosidase, luciferase, GFP, CAT, and SEAP) as well as fusion plasmids, which allow high-level expression of a target gene of interest with a GFP or luciferase fusion tag at its C- or N-terminus. The corresponding reporter assays (luciferase, beta-galactosidase & GFP) are also available.

See our current MATra and PromoFectin promotions at!


PromoCell GmbH

Sickingenstrasse 63/65

69126 Heidelberg


+49 6221 649 34 0


Revolutionise your performance by transforming your conventional, batch dynamic light scattering system into the stable, automated DynaPro Plate Reader.

Wyatt Technology Europe GmbH

Automated, high-throughput, temperature-controlled Dynamic Light Scattering

Revolutionise your performance by transforming your conventional, batch dynamic light scattering system into the stable, automated DynaPro™ Plate Reader. The DynaPro Plate Reader incorporates state of the art technology, providing superior filter-free high throughput dynamic light scattering (DLS or QELS) performance. The non-invasive technology measures samples directly from industry-standard microplates (96, 384, or 1536 well plates) using as little as 4 microliters of sample per well. After the plate is loaded into the DynaPro, the data are collected automatically, in an unattended manner, by the easy-to-use DYNAMICS® software, which supports full integration with industry leading liquid handling robotics. Once the data are collected the samples can be recovered and the plates discarded – no cleaning required!

Save valuable time and increase your productivity by factor 10 or more!

All in all, the DynaPro DLS Plate Reader will help you increase your productivity by a factor of 10 or more when sizing biomolecules and other nanoparticles compared to conventional batch DLS systems. With the DynaPro Plate Reader, you can perform the classic DLS applications but with more confidence. Samples can be loaded in duplicate or triplicate, and scanned several times by the Plate Reader, providing you with data that are a true measure of sample repeatability and reproducibility. Due to the low sample volumes and automated capability, these experiments can be performed in less time and without the hassles of conventional batch DLS. Moreover, because the DynaPro Plate Reader can operate in an unattended fashion, there is no additional ‘cost’ – your valuable time – associated with exploring a much larger number of solution conditions or protein or other nanoparticle constructs. The DynaPro can perform accelerated stability, thermal melting, and temperature studies of multiple samples in parallel.

New: The DynaPro Plate Reader is now available with Extended Temperature Control and On-board Camera! The onboard camera in the DynaPro Plate Reader II can automatically acquire and store images of each well, giving scientists a new dimension of data acquisition, and instant insight into the behavior of their samples.

For further information please click here.

Contact information:

Wyatt Technology Europe GmbH

Hochstrasse 18

56307 Dernbach


Telephone: +49-(0)2689-925-0


Life Technologies

This tool outlines the best products and services for your research needs, which can help save you weeks of hands-on time.

Life Technologies

From creating your gene to expressing your protein, Life Technologies offers a wide range of tools and expression systems that are easy to use, help enable rapid results, and offer high protein yields for every downstream application. This tool outlines the best products and services for your research needs, which can help save you weeks of hands-on time compared to using traditional methods. We even offer a complete service for the entire gene-to-protein workflow.

Request a copy of the Gene to Protein Brochure today by filling out the form here!

Or download the PDF version here!

Contactinformation for GeneArt® products and services:


Europe: Tel: +49 (0)941 942 76100 Fax: +49 (0)941 942 76780

America and Asia: Tel: 800 955 6288 option 4/4/1

Advanced Analytical

The Oligo PRO™ 96XT system provides fast, automated and economical size-based purity analysis of single stranded DNA and RNA oligonucleotides, and double stranded RNA interference (RNAi) products.

Advanced Analytical

This dedicated analyzer is capable of analyzing 96 different samples simultaneously by parallel capillary gel electrophoresis with on-line, fixed wavelength UV absorbance detection. Preloaded and optimized separation and capillary conditioning methods simplify and streamline operation. The system can perform unattended analysis of up to 288 samples at once. Application-specific data analysis software provides automated or manual peak integration. The Oligo PRO™ is a proven technology used every day worldwide in production and research labs.

Key Features of the Oligo PRO™ System Include:

  • Low cost per sample.Unsurpassed throughput for oligo purity analysis!
  • Size-based, single nucleotide resolution from 10-mer to 80-mer lengths.
  • Easy to use and maintain with a low cost of ownership.
  • Minimal sample preparation and consumption.
  • DNA oligonucleotide and RNA oligonucleotide analysis.
  • New, native gel analysis for measuring purity and annealing efficiency of dsRNAi products.
  • A full line of available reagents for "turn-key" operation.

For further information please click here.


The Reference 2 is the successor to the highly successful Reference pipette, and enhances the range’s already high standards with a new design, reduced weight and operating forces and multi-channel versions.


As the premium product in Eppendorf’s pipette portfolio, the Reference 2 provides the most accurate results possible alongside robust, reliable handling and optimum user safety. These levels of security make the Reference 2 ideal for use with precious liquids, or in any application requiring extremely high levels of accuracy. When there can be no compromise on quality and reproducability, Eppendorf’s new Reference 2 is an ideal instrument for these liquid handling applications.


  • Hide applications
  • Pipetting liquids
  • Volume determination
  • Mixing liquids
  • Filling of plates, gels, and reaction vessels
  • Phase extraction and removal of supernatants


  • The unique one-button operation offers a fast and ergonomic handling with reduced operating effort and active aerosol reduction. To avoid an accidential tip ejection a clear haptic feedback is provided.
  • The spring loaded tip cone improves user to user reproducibility and improved ergonomics by lowering tip attachment force
  • The Reference 2 multi channel offers a high flexibility incl a spring-loaded tip cone which can be switched on/off optionally
  • The secondary adjustment supports the easy adjustment of your Reference 2 for the most accurate pipetting of different liquids or other external conditions without the need for a full calibration.

For further information please click here.


BioPAT® SIMCA-online is a highly efficient software release for real-time multivariate statistical process monitoring and control of previously established Design Spaces.


Continuous real-time quality control and assurance is a highly desired state in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, which can be achieved by sophisticated process control strategies that use multivariate monitoring techniques to prevent or mitigate the risk of producing a poor quality product. Multivariate monitoring is based on models representing the relationship between parameters, whereas traditional process monitoring is based on univariate rules incapable of revealing correlation patterns and sometimes resulting in misleading conclusions.

BioPAT® SIMCA-online is a highly efficient software release for real-time multivariate statistical process monitoring and control of previously established Design Spaces based on current process parameters and (spectro) analytical data.

The software permits early detection of process deviations and provides user guidance for identifying potential root causes by displaying easy-to-understand graphics. This not only results in improved health, safety and environmental (HSE) performance, but also in enhanced control and assurance of the overall process and product quality.

Demo Versions you can find here!

Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH

August-Spindler-Strasse 11

37079 Göttingen, Germany

Phone: +49.551.308.0

Fax: +49.551.308.3289


The electronic pipettes were specially designed for high professional standards to provide optimal support for you in your work.


Simply better pipetting!

People who give 100 % every day deserve the best tool and the best equipment. You work on demanding problems, and important decisions depend on the results of your work. Your standard is extremely high and your performance is professional.

The electronic pipettes Eppendorf Xplorer and Eppendorf Xplorer plus were specially designed for high professional standards to provide optimal support for you in your work, with a new intuitive operating concept and design based on the proven Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept®.

These features set new standards for simplicity, precision andreproducibility, which means no more delays due to complicated programming or inflexible processes. Instead, you get precisely adjustable parameters, maximum reproducible results, fatigue-free work and consistent, full control over the pipetting processes.

For more information, please click here.

Tosoh Bioscience

The Immunoassay Analyser from Tosoh Bioscience offers the automation powers and performance of a large analyser in a bench top format.

Tosoh Bioscience

Random access allows any combination of tests, in any order at any time and a throughput of 36 results per hour with the first result in 20 minutes ensures a fast reliable service.

  • Will accept a variety of primary tubes with positive patient identification as well as positive test cup ID to eliminate errors.
  • Sample level sensing, to alert operator to short samples
  • Dual clot detection to maintain result integrity
  • Extremely simple operation
  • Unidirectional interface
  • Just 40 x 40 x 50cm and 30kg
  • Results are consistent and interchangeable between other Tosoh AIA analysers

The touchscreen, intuitive menus and onboard 'wizards' make the AIA-360 our easiest to use analyser to date.


Tosoh Bioscience GmbH

Zettachring 6

70567 Stuttgart


Tel: +49-711-132570

Fax: +49-711-1325789 


With Iris 6 INFORS HT releases a new SCADA software package for parallel bioprocess control, which brings a fresh new look and a whole raft of new features.


With Iris 6 INFORS HT releases a new SCADA software package forparallel bioprocess control. Iris 6 brings a fresh new look and a whole raft of new features to one of themost flexible and user friendly bioprocess control software programs available today. A special versionfor use with Multitron incubation shakers allows comprehensive process validation.

“Beginners will love the modern design and the easy navigation”, says Dr. Tony Allman, productmanager INFORS HT. A new ribbon menu provides quick access to the bioreactor and parametersettings. A variety of graphical displays such as correlation and bar graphs allow an easy interpretationof process data. The new version allows the user to annotate on-line graphics while a fermentation isin progress and to time-stamp samples for easy reference.

Advanced features such as the feedback control using sequences allow the experienced user toexplore all possibilities of bioprocess control. The seamless integration of both analysed and calculatedprocess parameters gives the users the possibility to achieve a combined record of all process data.“The implementation of off-line analysed parameters like OD or protein yield in the batch record file isgreat, now I can record all data in one single file”, says Dr. Michael Kaempf, Project Leader BioprocessDevelopment, EMPA (Switzerland). An enhanced reporter module makes creation of batch tickets, data export and printing both comprehensive and simple.

The Iris Parallel Bioprocess Control Software is available in 3 different packages depending on the type of equipment. The same software provides high quality data acquisition and sophisticated controlstrategies from shake flask up to pilot production.

All software packages can be qualified for validation purposes relating to FDA CFR Part 11, 21.


Dr. Tony Allman, Product Manager Fermentation

Infors AG

Rittergasse 27

4103 Bottmingen


Phone: +41 (0)61 425 77 00

Fax: +41 (0)61 425 77 01



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LentiKat’s offers an unusual investment opportunity

LentiKat’s owns, manufactures and distributes a patented immobilization into lentil-shaped Lentikats Biocatalysts. The unique lentil-like shape of the Lentikats Biocatalyst ensures unlimited diffusion of substrate(s) into any part of the matrix, while still retaining a convenient size for easy separation from the reaction medium. They find application in the Pharma & Food industry (including bio-based chemicals), Wastewater treatment as well as Biofuels. more...

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Job Advert

Sales Manager

celares GmbH is a Berlin based drug delivery company focused on chemical modifications of biological drugs. We offer customized development services for international pharma and biopharma companies and have manufacturing capabilities for key starting materials used for the preparation of pharmaceutical drugs. For the intensification of our own sales activities we are looking for a sales manager. more...


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