02.11.2015 - 04.11.2015


Munich (DE)

BIO-Europe is an essential event for anyone serious about partnering in the biotech industry. The conference encourages delegates to continue establishing and maintaining partnerships using EBD Group’s industry acclaimed approach.
Contact: Tom Voigt, EBD Group

Biosimilars Conference


04.11.2015 - 05.11.2015

Biosimilars Conference

London (UK)

This conference will provide an update on the current status for biosimilars in EU and internationally with focus on both regulatory and scientific challenges as well as market access and experiences.
Contact: DIA – Drug Information Association

04.11.2015 - 05.11.2015

Potsdam Days on Bioanalysis 2015

Potsdam (GER)

This year the Potsdam Days connects the International Technology Forum on In vitro-Diagnostics and Regenerative Medicine and the Potsdam Colloquium on Bioanalysis. The symposium focuses on the impact of In vitro-Diagnostics on future regenerative therapies and the role of enabling technologies for future bioanalysis.
Contact: Anja Kastell, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, Center for Molecular Diagnostics and Bioanalysis (ZMDB)
Phone:  +49 30 46302-544

09.11.2015 - 10.11.2015

11th Annual European Antibody Congress

Basel (CH)

The European Antibody Congress 2015 will introduce new and exciting content focusing on innovation and commercialisation with an emphasis on new platforms and exciting new technologies such as computer aided antibody design.
Contact: Terrapinn Ltd.

09.11.2015 - 11.11.2015

Global Food processing Summit and Expo

Dubai (UAE)

Food Processing-2015 is the premier event that brings together a unique and International mix of experts, researchers and decision makers both from academia and industry across the globe to exchange their knowledge, experience and research innovations to build a world food community. Food Processing-2015 will lay common platform to establish a scientific network between the academia and industry to provide them with all levels of awareness, expertise and proactive solutions to create global impact in this field. Moreover, this meet will influence Industries to maximize their yield and profit through the application of strategic techniques.
Contact: OMICS Group International

3rd International mRNA Health Conference


11.11.2015 - 12.11.2015

3rd International mRNA Health Conference


The two-day conference provides a meeting point for international experts to discuss the enormous potential of mRNA for many therapeutic indications and prophylactic use. Participants can count on two days of exciting talks and discussions, and build personal connections. Around 30 speakers will present on science, preclinical and clinical research, manufacturing, delivery, and regulatory aspects. A poster session will provide research groups the opportunity to show their data to the audience.
Contact: Verena Lauterbach, Curevac
Phone: +49-7071-920 537 56


ASCR 2015 – Advances in Stem Cell Research


During this event, the hottest topics in the Translational Space will be addressed in a webinar-style auditorium with the opportunity for live Q&A at the end of each talk. Featuring an array of leading international speakers, this event aims to provide with an insight into the latest developments, with specific focus on cell-based therapies. Registration ist free
Agenda Topics:
Cell Manufacturing
Immunotherapy in Cancer
Market Trends
Single Cell Analysis
Stem Cell Physiology
Stem Cells for Disease Modeling
Stem Cells in the Clinic
Contact: Select Biosciences

23.11.2015 - 24.11.2015

EuroPLX 59 – European Pharma License Exchange

Athens (GR)

The partnering scope ranges from innovative to generic, from early stage candidates to approved, prescription or OTC drugs, medical devices and companion diagnostics. Delegates determine the focus, displayed and updated hourly on Internet as soon as sufficient data are submitted.
Contact: Dr. Norbert Rau, RauCon

25.11.2015 - 26.11.2015

Global Bioeconomy Summit 2015


Recent years have seen significant worldwide investment in the bioeconomy, in both political and economic terms. Bioeconomy advisory bodies and agencies have been nominated in many of the G7 and G20 countries. However, a policy focused on domestic territories and players will hardly unleash the full potential of these public and private investments. Successful policy measures have to take account of the impact of global value-chains and markets. Due to a lack in formalised international discussion platforms, bioeconomy policy making has remained somewhat fragmented and detached from other important policy areas sharing the same goals, such as sustainability or green growth.
Who should attend?
The GBS2015 addresses government officials, advisory bodies, associations, international organisations, NGOs, scientists and other stakeholders with a political function. The highly interactive format will thus cover strategy, governance and policy design.
Contact: Dr. Patrick Dieckhoff, Geschäftsstelle Bioökonomierat
Phone: +49 30 4677 6743

30.11.2015 - 02.12.2015

6th World Congress on Biotechnology

Hyderabad (IN)

The Congress is the global forum basing on the Theme: Biotechnology: Meeting the Needs of a Changing World. It aims to promote the international and national exchange of ideas, promote collaborative research network among academia and industry. Besides this dissemination of knowledge this world congress brings an opportunity for professionals to build up a scientific and professional network as well. Young researchers, postdoctoral researchers, graduate students and other professionals are warmly welcome to the Workshop entitled “NIH Research Resources in Biotechnology”.
Contact: Rajesh K. Guru, OMICS Group

01.12.2015 - 02.12.2015

BioFIT 2015

Strasbourg (F)

leading partnering event in Europe for open innovation, technology transfer and collaborative research in the field of Life Sciences
Contact: Marion Sigier, eurosante/Nutrition Sante Longevte

5th Munich Biomarker Conference


01.12.2015 - 02.12.2015

5th Munich Biomarker Conference

Munich (GER)

The Munich Biomarker Conference brings together international experts from biotech and pharma industry with scientists and physicians. The programme covers all stages of biomarker development, from basic research to personalized treatment of patients. A focus lies on the translation of academic research findings into industry-driven drug development. A second core topic is the realization of individualized treatment in the standard of care. How can clinical processes, data management and reimbursement be adjusted to unleash the potential of personalized medicine? Strategies to overcome current limitations and possible solutions are discussed.
Contact: Dr. Almut Windhager, BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH

09.12.2015 - 10.12.2015

The 2015 Biopolymer Summit

London (UK)

The Summit will bring together key industry experts to discuss the latest strategies and methods to overcome current challenges, and maximise the opportunities. The conference will address how the industry will evolve, current trends, how to respond to the changes of the market and the growing demand from end users. Over the two days, the event will bring insights into end users expectations and environmental approaches, amongst others. Attendees will also be able to interact and discuss regional markets, while developing future business opportunity in biopolymers.
Contact: Mohammad Ahsan, ACI

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