28.05.2014 - 30.05.2014

Medical Devices – European Regulatory and Market Access Trends

Opatija (HR)

In today's rapidly changing business climate, understanding the regulatory and demographic environment of the medical device industry is only one part of the challenge. The real challenges for medical device companies are to define the right strategy, to develop the appropriate business plan, and to find the way to execute them efficiently.
 The conference will highlight the major trends that are shaping the medical device industry and provide the guidance on how the medical device industry leaders can successfully navigate these trends.
Kontakt: Farmavita Regulanet d.o.o.

02.06.2014 - 03.06.2014

3. Laupheimer Zelltage

Laupheim (GER)

The Laupheimer Zelltage conferences provide a unique platform for the international exchange of knowledge, ideas and expertise. Held every two years, it attracts global leaders and forward thinkers in the field of biotechnology. As these experts discuss the application of cutting-edge developments, important breakthroughs emerge in the manufacturing of protein and virus-based biologics. 

10.06.2014 - 11.06.2014

Biochemicals and Bioplastics 2014

Düsseldorf (GER)

This two day conference will bring together key industry stakeholders from across the entire value chain, from chemical companies to bio-based producers as well as consultants and financiers to discuss the current market opportunities, advances and trends. From investor perspectives to sustainability drivers, our conference will give a balanced and valuable insight into the industry and its key factors going forward in the drive towards commercialization.
Kontakt: ACI – Active Communications International

11.06.2014 - 14.06.2014

BioTech 2014 and 6th Czech-Swiss Symposium

Prague (CZ)

BioTech 2014 will concentrate on microbial biotechnology, the key technology for bio-based economies and ist organized by the Institute of Chemical Technology,  Prague & ZHAW Institute of Biotechnology, Wädenswil. Microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, and microalgae, and their enzymes, are used for manufacturing a wide range of products in sustainable, forward-looking bioprocesses. These products represent high-performance chemicals or ingredients in demand for foodstuffs, animal feed, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
Kontakt: Olga Schreiberová, Institute of Chemical Technology Prague/Institute of Biotechnology, School of Life Sciences and Facility Management LSFM, Zurich

11.06.2014 - 12.06.2014

Oleofuels 2014

Düsseldorf (GER)

Oleofuels 2014 is the progression of ACI's European Biodiesel series of events which ran from 2008-2013. The change of name reflects the fact that the event will now cover all fuels made from oils & fats including biodiesel, HVO & bio jet as well as take a more global view which is key especially when it comes to certain feedstocks. The two day conference will bring together the leading executives and experts from across the entire value chain for two days of informative presentations, interactive discussion & excellent networking opportunities.
Kontakt: ACI – Active Communications International

15.06.2014 - 19.06.2014

Euromit 2014 – International Meeting on Mitochondrial Pathology

Tampere (FI)

Euromit 2014 will be the 9th in a series of international conferences dedicated to understanding how mitochondria are involved in disease. Since the late 1980s, when the first disease-causing lesions in mitochondrial DNA were described, the field of mitochondrial pathology has grown to become one of the most important areas of molecular medicine. The conference will bring together leaders of the field as well as many young talents.
Kontakt: Kaisa Immonen, Institute of Biomedical Technology, University of Tampere

15.06.2014 - 17.06.2014

18th Symposium on Infections in the Immunocompromised Host


2014 Scientific Focus will include: The microbiome; Infections in transplant recipients; Invasive fungal infections and resistance; Treatment of multi-resistant bacteria; Infectious complications in immunocompromised children; Life-threatening infections and intensive care in neutropenic cancer patients; Antiviral and antifungal immune responses in compromised hosts; The inflammasome; Prophylaxis and treatment of viral infections in immunocompromised hosts; Infections in patients with rare congenital immune deficiencies
Kontakt: Michelle Trimble

17.06.2014 - 18.06.2014

Biomedica 2014 – The European Life Science Summit

Maastricht (NL)

BIOMEDICA ist eine internationale Life Sciences-Konferenz mit begleitender Ausstellung. Das Programm greift aktuelle Top-Themen aus dem LifeTec Bereich auf:Biopharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals, Medical devices & care, Biomaterials Business development & product innovations
Kontakt: Viktoria Lhomme, LifetecZONe/BioLiége/LifeTech Limburg/LifeTec Aachen-Jülich e.V.
Tel.: +49-241-88970-11

23.06.2014 - 26.06.2014

BIO 2014

San Diego (USA)

The BIO International Convention is the largest global event for the biotechnology industry and offers key networking and partnering opportunities, and provides insights and inspiration on the major trends affecting the industry.
Kontakt: Biotechnology Industry Organization

EuroPLX 55 – European Pharma License Exchange


23.06.2014 - 24.06.2014

EuroPLX 55 – European Pharma License Exchange

Vienna (A)

EuroPLX ist eine internationale Plattform für Pharma- und Biopharmaunternehmen, auf der Kooperationsmöglichkeiten angebahnt werden können. Die Teilnehmer selbst bestimmen den Partnering-Schwerpunkt.

Kontakt: Dr. Norbert Rau, RauCon

24.06.2014 - 27.06.2014

Microbiology after the genomics revolution: Genomes 2014

Paris (F)

Joint Symposium of the Académie des science de l’Institut de France and the Leopoldina that will be an appropriate and timely occasion to offer an outstanding discussion forum for the best international researchers in all fields of cutting edge microbiology research to discuss newly discovered aspects of microbiology.
Kontakt: Dr. Carmen Buchrieser, Leopoldina/Institut Pasteur

25.06.2014 - 27.06.2014

5th World congress on Biotechnology

Valencia (E)

Contributors from all allied fields of Biotechnology and Life Sciences will be present. comprehensive range of topics including Applied Biotechnology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Medical and pharmaceutical biotechnology, Agriculture, Industrial biotechnology, Microbiology and Immunology, Cell culture, Renewable energy technology, Material Science and Nanotechnology, Bioprocess and food processing technology, Petroleum and Environmental Biotechnology, Cell biology, Genetic Engineering and Molecular Biology, Tissue Science and Engineering, Bioinformatics and Computational biology, Biosensor, Ethics and IPR and marine biotechnology etc. will be covered by international speakers.
Kontakt: OMICS Group Conferences

Medizin innovativ  – MedTech Pharma 2014


02.07.2014 - 03.07.2014

Medizin innovativ – MedTech Pharma 2014

Nürnberg (GER)

Präsentiert wird eine große Bandbreite an Themen aus der Medizintechnik- und Pharma-Branche. Der Kongress, der alle zwei Jahre in der NürnbergMesse stattfindet, hat sich mit rund 1000 Teilnehmern zu einem der größten Treffs der Gesundheitsbranche entwickelt.
Zu den Schwerpunktthemen in diesem Jahr zählen im Bereich Pharma & Diagnostics u. a. Regulatory Affairs, Early Detection & Prediction, Big Data Management & Analytics. Neben den drei parallelen Sessions präsentieren rund 120 Aussteller innovative Produkte, Systeme und Technologien.

Kontakt: Marlene Klemm, Forum MedTech Pharma
Tel.: +49-911-20671-330

13.07.2014 - 16.07.2014

16th European Congress on Biotechnology

Edinburgh (UK)

Leading conference for academic and industrial biotechnologists in Europe organised by the European Federation of Biotechnology, the scientific programme is being designed to cover all aspects of biotechnology, including environmental and green biotechnology, microbial physiology, microbial synthetic and systems biology, applied biocatalysis, industrial biotechnology, biochemical engineering and medical biotechnology.
Kontakt: European Federation of Biotechnology - EFB

30.08.2014 - 04.09.2014

FEBS-EMBO 2014 Conference

Paris (F)

The FEBS–EMBO 2014 Conference will be a unique international event that brings together many leading researchers to discuss the latest scientific findings in the life sciences. Scientists from across the world will be able to attend a jointly organized conference that offers unparalleled scope for the entire range of the molecular life sciences. The conference will also celebrate the 50th anniversaries of FEBS and EMBO and the 100th anniversary of the French Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

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