02.02.2015 - 03.02.2015

Biologics Congress

Berlin (GER)

The conference is part of a Drug Discovery series which includes events on synthetic biology, precision medicine, digital pathology, digital PCR and the human microbiome.
Contact: Global Engage

2nd Clinical Research Conference – Regulations, technologies, risk management, data sources, patients’ role … Will reality match expectations?


03.02.2015 - 04.02.2015

2nd Clinical Research Conference – Regulations, technologies, risk management, data sources, patients’ role … Will reality match expectations?

Paris (F)

In a changing regulatory environment, this conference will be a unique opportunity for high level presentations and debates through several round-table discussions, involving all stakeholders of clinical research in Europe (Pharmaceutical industry, biotech, medical devices industry, CROs as well as other service providers, patient associations, regulatory authorities, ethics committees, key representatives from the academic sector …). This year the Pre-Conference will examine the role of outsourcing / procurement functions in clinical development from a perspective not focusing solely on cost reduction: how can this group create add value through the use of category management techniques to support performance management.
Contact: Anne de Smet, EUCROF/Momentum

8th Berlin Conference on IP in Life Sciences – Natural Products



8th Berlin Conference on IP in Life Sciences – Natural Products

Berlin (DE)

atural products are an important source for pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, cosmetics and other functional admixtures. More than 1000 compounds alone have been taken from plants, animals or other marine resources for medicinal, nutritional and cosmetic use. However, progress in the life sciences opened the stage for a new generation of natural compounds: DNA sequences from terrestrial and aquatic resources like plants, animals or microbial organisms led to recombinant proteins with uncomparable properties. But, the access to natural products is contested. The Nagoya Protocol and the Convention on Biological Diversity regulate the access, although these conventions have yet to be implemented in the EU and national law. This process is still ongoing and touches issues such as biodiversity, better conservation, more sustainable use of marine biodiversity and the enhancement of cooperation and synergy between providers of biodiversity and their industrial users. This is highly critical for countries exhibiting a rich biodiversity to create new added value on a global scale. The regulations will have an impact on the patenting system. This BIOCOM conference is designed to illustrate the latest regulations and illustrate the practical use.
Contact: Uta Holmer, BIOCOM AG
Phone: +49-30-2649-21-53, Fax: +49-30-2649-21-66

09.03.2015 - 11.03.2015

BIO-Europe Spring 2015

Paris (F)

BIO-Europe Spring® is an essential event for anyone serious about partnering in the biotech industry. As the springtime counterpart of BIO-Europe, the conference encourages delegates to continue establishing and maintaining partnerships using EBD Group’s industry acclaimed approach.
Contact: Tom Voigt, EBD Group

09.03.2015 - 10.03.2015

EuroPLX 57 – European Pharma License Exchange

Cascais (PT)

The partnering scope ranges from innovative to generic, from early stage candidates to approved, prescription or OTC drugs, medical devices and companion diagnostics. Delegates determine the focus, displayed and updated hourly on Internet as soon as sufficient data are submitted.
Contact: Dr. Norbert Rau, RauCon

17.03.2015 - 18.03.2015

Lab-on-a-Chip European Congress & Microfluidics

Berlin (DE)

This conference will bring together leaders from both academia and industry to discuss innovative developments in this exciting field. Attention will also be given to some of the many applications of Labs-on-Chips, from the enhancement of life science research, to taking diagnostics to the point of need. Overall this track will provide an excellent snapshot of this rapidly growing field. The conference will be co-located with Biodetection & Biosensors, Point-of-Care Diagnostics and Microarray Technology. Registered delegates will have unrestricted access to all co-located meetings ensuring a comprehensive learning and sharing experience as well as being financially beneficial for attendees.
Contact: Select Biosciences

18.03.2015 - 19.03.2015

ChemBio Finnland

Helsinki (FIN)

ChemBio Finland is an event for people who work with production, product development, planning, marketing or sales, financing, purchasing and procurement, safety matters, education or other roles in companies and societies that use chemistry or biotechnology products and services. ChemBio Finland is an excellent place for educate at seminars, meet old and new colleagues, get to know companies and their new products and enjoy the pleasent exhibition athmosphere with trade professionals.
Contact: Jouka Murremäki, Messukeskus

Proteomic Forum 2015


22.03.2015 - 25.03.2015

Proteomic Forum 2015

Berlin (DE)

The Proteomic Forum will bring together leading experts from all over the world and provide a critical mass to present and to discuss progress and new technologies in all fields of proteome research and application.
Contact: Dr. Christian Kleinhammer, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Proteomforschung (DGPF)


Swiss Biotech Finance Day

Zürich-Schlieren (CH)

This event will give an overview over different issues with huge financial impact in company development. Financial frame and planning, development and regulatory costs, human resource issues are just some of the topics that finally influence your company’s budgets and not least valuation.
Contact: Swiss Biotech Association

24.03.2015 - 27.03.2015

International Meeting of the German Society for Cell Biology

Cologne (DE)

The international meeting presents the current state of research in the rapidly developing field of Cell Biology, a fundamental discipline for all life sciences. The format and programme of the meeting provides an international platform for presentation and discussion of the most recent and exciting achievements in cell biology.
Contact: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zellbiologie

25.03.2015 - 27.03.2015

Visualizing Biological Data – VIZBI 2015

Cambridge (USA)

VIZBI brings together scientists, illustrators, and designers actively using or developing computational visualization to study a diverse range of biological data. The conference features 21 invited talks that review the state-of-the-art and challenges in visualizing data from genomes, transcripts, proteins, cells, organisms, and populations.
Contact: VIZBI Committee
Phone: +1-617-714-7000

08.04.2015 - 10.04.2015

BioNanoMed 2015

Graz (A)

Know-How-Transfer meeting for scientists, researchers, engineers and practitioners from Natural Science, Medical Science and Engineering Subjects throughout the world.
Contact: DI (FH) Margit Malatschnig, Techkonnex - High-Tech Promotion
Phone: +43-699-19215844

27th Annual EuroMeeting


13.04.2015 - 15.04.2015

27th Annual EuroMeeting

Paris (F)

For the first time ever, the EuroMeeting will be organised in parallel with the Clinical Forum. This will afford delegates unparalleled opportunities to interact and network with qualified professionals from throughout Europe and the world, and to meet a wealth of exhibiting companies, all under one roof. You will meet professionals from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, CROs, clinical trial sites, health regulatory agencies and delegates from academia and patient organisations, and more.
Contact: DIA Europe
Phone: +41 61 225 51 51, Fax: +41 61 225 51 52

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