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US company Puretech Health is intending to raise US$160m in London IPO more +++ Galapagos has raised a record sum of around €279m (US$317m) in NASDAQ IPO more +++ French biotech Abivax plans IPO on Euronext Paris more +++ Belgian Celyad SA (formerly Cardio3 BioSciences) has filed to raise US$115m in US IPO  more +++ Galapagos increases its NASDAQ offering to US$250m after AbbVie places US$30m order more +++ US pharma company Verseon Corp. has pulled off €91m IPO at London Stock Exchange more +++ Adaptimmune raises US$191m in upsized NASDAQ IPO more +++ GW Pharmaceuticals plans to raise US$179m on NASDAQ more +++ Finnish Biotie Therapies, already listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinkiplans US IPO more +++ Nordic Nanovector’s IPO proceeds increase to NOK575m (€68m) more +++ Biocartis Group to float on Euronext Brussels in €100m IPO more +++ Belgian biotech Galapagos, already listed on Euronext, files for US$150m NASDAQ IPO more +++ Irish biotech Prothena aims to raise US$114m in a follow-on offering more +++ Utrecht-based cancer specialist Merus is preparing for a NASDAQ IPO, says Dutch newspaper more (in Dutch) +++ Cell therapy specialist Cardio3 BioSciences intends to go public in the US more +++ Sensorion is the latest French biotech with plans to go public more +++ French biopharma Cerenis raises €53m in Euronext IPO more 

Stock list

Stocks (27.05.2015) Rate 1 Day 1 Month 1 Year 52 High/low News
CYTOS0.66CHF6.45%-35.3%187.0%1.59/0.15 open/close
EVOLVA1.84CHF5.14%21.1%27.8%1.84/1.09 open/close
EPIGENOMICS5.55EUR4.52%-2.3%-13.4%6.62/3.06 open/close
FORMYCON28.39EUR4.37%-5.5%311.4%32.50/6.40 open/close
SYNGENTA430.80CHF2.33%31.8%24.1%430.80/281.60 open/close
LONZA135.30CHF2.27%3.2%38.6%135.30/91.95 open/close
SARTORIUS163.50EUR1.84%6.9%69.6%169.65/91.50 open/close
BAYER136.90EUR1.82%1.9%30.7%146.20/94.73 open/close
BB BIOTECH289.25EUR1.76%7.5%136.2%330.10/121.85 open/close
MERCK KGAA100.60EUR1.64%-0.8%-20.6%129.45/62.25 open/close
ROCHE280.70CHF1.63%2.7%5.4%294.60/241.70 open/close
QIAGEN NV23.02EUR1.59%4.2%35.8%24.07/16.48 open/close
VITA 345.80EUR1.40%-8.8%-3.3%7.26/3.70 open/close
BIOTEST76.95EUR1.25%-0.3%-13.0%104.75/69.50 open/close
EVONIK34.10EUR1.22%-3.3%17.9%36.10/24.66 open/close
MOLOGEN5.05EUR1.20%1.6%-53.4%10.99/4.79 open/close
ACTELION133.70CHF1.13%7.1%51.1%134.40/88.25 open/close
PAION2.54EUR0.79%-10.9%-18.1%3.54/1.78 open/close
MAGFORCE6.09EUR0.50%7.4%1.2%7.30/4.65 open/close
MORPHOSYS68.05EUR0.50%3.4%-1.2%86.72/54.71 open/close
KWS SAAT275.90EUR0.33%0.8%9.1%283.80/252.00 open/close
ANALYTIK JENA14.00EUR0.07%0.0%0.6%14.21/13.67 open/close
THERAMETRICS0.07CHF0.00%0.0%-22.2%0.11/0.06 open/close
ADDEX3.05CHF0.00%0.0%29.8%5.15/2.03 open/close
CO.DON2.85EUR0.00%-17.4%-20.8%3.61/2.00 open/close
4SC4.65EUR-0.21%257.7%322.7%5.75/0.69 open/close
BIOFRONTERA2.29EUR-0.43%-2.6%-24.9%3.21/1.84 open/close
STRATEC BIOMEDICAL46.51EUR-0.49%0.2%32.9%51.50/35.00 open/close
EVOTEC3.90EUR-0.51%1.8%7.1%4.27/2.57 open/close
HBM110.90CHF-0.54%4.1%30.7%112.50/78.95 open/close
SANTHERA90.05CHF-1.04%-4.3%205.3%115.40/21.00 open/close
BASILEA132.00CHF-2.08%15.6%20.4%134.80/81.55 open/close
WILEX3.95EUR-2.47%-15.1%393.7%5.43/0.72 open/close
MEDIGENE8.43EUR-3.77%-30.7%85.3%14.50/3.33 open/close

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