Biogen plans $1bn plant in Switzerland
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Biogen plans $1bn plant in Switzerland

03.07.2015 - Biotech giant Biogen is investing CHF 1bn in a new pharmaceutical production plant in the Swiss town of Luterbach. Noted as one of the world’s oldest biotech firms, the new plant will create up to 400 jobs.

US-based biotechnology play Biogen Inc. plans to invest CHF1bn (€0,9m) in a new manufacturing plant in the town of Luterbach near Zurich, which will make it the company’s fifth production plant. The construction of the new plant will begin later this year subject to approval by the Swiss government. It will be completed in 2018. Production of the new bioreactors will work with mammalian cells and is estimated to begin in 2019. It will triple Biogen’s global capacity to produce large protein-based drugs known as biologics. It currently makes its portfolio of multiple sclerosis and haemophilia drugs in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where it is headquartered. The plant in Cambridge is the company’s oldest plant with a capacity of about 10,000 litres. Here it produces two interferon-based multiple sclerosis drugs, Avonex and Plegridy, as well as Eloctate, a haemophilia drug that won US regulatory approval last year.

Details of the size of the plant or the drugs that Biogen plans to manufacture in Switzerland have not yet been disclosed, but it will draw on state-of-the-art biotech manufacturing technology. “The canton of Solothurn provides a business-friendly environment, reliable infrastructure, and access to a well-trained labour force,” said Natascha Schill, CEO of Biogen Switzerland.

Biogen was founded in 1978 in Geneva, and after its merger with US Idec Pharmaceuticals to become Biogen Idec, became the third largest biotech company in the world. Since 2004, the head office of Biogen International has been located in Zug, Switzerland. The company currently employs approximately 7,500 worldwide, and 300 people in Switzerland.


Personalised MedicineNetherlandsBelgiumSpain

02.07.2015 Dutch biotech Amarna and Austrian Biomarker research centre CBmed have joined forces to develop several immunotherapies, including therapies against cancer and diabetes type 2. The joint venture will develop Amarna’s next generation viral vector platform.


30.06.2015 Pharma giant Novartis has bumped up its neuroscience portfolio with the recent purchase of Australian biotech Spinifex for a US$200m upfront payment plus US$500 in milestone payments. The acquisition is centred on Spinifex’ mid-stage pain drug EMA401.

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25.06.2015 German immunotherapy expert BioNTech AG has partnered up with Europe’s largest engineering company Siemens to construct a manufacturing site for BioNTech’s personalised cancer vaccine.

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24.06.2015 Swedish scientists have created artificial neurons that are capable of mimicking the function of human nerve cells. The researchers hope that, once minituarised, they may one day be used to restore disturbed neural function.


23.06.2015 Cosmo Pharmaceuticals is floating its majority-owned subsidiary Cassiopea at the Swiss Stock Exchange, with the aim to raise between CHF150m and CHF200m.


22.06.2015 For the 31st time, the ACHEMA has drawn the global chemical engineering and the process industry to Frankfurt. Although still overshadowed by petrol, the biobased economy is getting ready to step out into the limelight.


17.06.2015 At the BIO convention in Philadelphia, the biotech industry celebrates new gene and cell therapies, and hails its unlikely superheroes.


16.06.2015 Northern Ireland’s biopharma Almac Discovery is partnering up with Roche subsidiary Genentech in a two-year joint research programme to discover and develop cancer treatments.


12.06.2015 The high-potential cancer immunotherapy market is fiercely fought, and small companies have trouble making their mark. Nordic companies Targovax and Oncos have joined forces to create a Nordic immuno-oncology champion named Polaris.

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