EMA seeks trial data transparency input
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EMA seeks trial data transparency input

21.01.2015 - The EMA is asking for comments on how to implement the transparency rules of EU Clinical Trial Regulation, pointing to the new clinical trial portal and database as the main instrument.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has turned to the public on how the transparency rules of the European Clinical Trial Regulation will be applied in the new clinical trial database. The proposal establishes a new clinical trial portal and database for the submission and maintenance of clinical trial applications and authorisations within the EU. According to the agency, this will be the key instrument in achieving transparency.

The aim of the European Clinical Trial Regulation is create an environment for clinical trials in the EU that adheres to the highest standards of safety for participants. It will also ensure that the rules for conducting trials are consistent throughout the EU. The Regulation also transforms the level of information publicly available for every clinical trial carried out in the EU – transparency on the authorisation, conduct, and results of the trial will be obligatory. It also specifies a timeline for posting results no later than 12 months after a trial’s completion or 30 days after a Marketing Authorisation Application (MAA) has been approved or withdrawn. Exceptions to the Regulation are permitted to protect personal data, commercially confidential information, and confidential communication between member states or supervision of clinical trials by member states.

Stakeholders are to submit their comments on the draft proposal by 18 February. The EMA said the EU regulation will not go into effect before 28 Ma, 2016 and will apply to all clinical trials that are registered once the Regulation is in operation.


Stock marketsEUGermany

21.01.2015 2014 was a record year for biotech companies on the European stock market, with a total of €2.4bn raised in the year - 25% more than in the year before.


20.01.2015 Ebola research projects are set to receive €215m in funding from the European Commission’s IMI2 Ebola+ programme. Among the project partners are vaccine developers Glaxosmithkline, Johnson&Johnson and Merck. 

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16.01.2015 It's time to get used to weekly IPO plans by European biotechs. UK's drug discovery firm Redx Pharma Ltd, established just five years ago, has come of age with their £80m (€105m) IPO plans.


14.01.2015 Pharma kingpin Roche has launched a billion-dollar transaction for a total of US$1.2bn (€1bn), taking over the majority of US cancer specialist Foundation Medicine.


14.01.2015 The European Parliament has backed the legislation allowing individual countries to restrict or prohibit the cultivation of genetically modified crops that have been authorised at EU level.


13.01.2015 Shire beefs up its rare disease portfolio after acquiring NPS Pharma with the aim of becoming a leading biotech in a US$5.2bn deal. Part of the deal is the US biotech's lead portfolio of gastrointestinal and hormone replacement therapies.


09.01.2015 The excitement surrounding CRISPR genome editing shows no sign of abating. This month, Novartis and US biotech Intellia Therapeutics became the first ever biotech-pharma collaboration to use the groundbreaking technology.


08.01.2015 Belgian cell therapy specialist Cardio3 Biosciences joins the immuno-oncology arena with the acquisition of Celdara Medical's cancer division Oncyte for US$180m.


06.01.2015 With the aim to utilise Ireland’s many natural resources and keep abreast of the latest EU developments in bioeconomy, a multi-disciplinary team has been funded to maximise national income, exports and job creation related to Ireland’s bioeconomy.

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