Genetrix & TiGenix in cell therapy deal
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Genetrix & TiGenix in cell therapy deal

31.07.2015 - Spanish business developer Genetrix has sold its clinical stage cell therapy development subsidiary Coretherapix to Belgian TiGenix in a deal worth up to €267m.

TiGenix NV, which expand into cardiology indications with the acquisition of Coretherapix S.L., is paying Genetrix S.L. €6.7m upfront, €1.2m in cash and€5.5m in new TiGenix shares. Additionally, Genetrix may receive up to €460m if development and sales milestones are reached, plus royalties. Each additional product to reach the market will net the Madrid-based company another €25m. In return, TiGenix will add Coretherapix’s lead cellular product AlloCSC-01 to its pipeline. AlloCSC-01 is an allogeneic cardiac stem cell product currently in a Phase II clinical trial for acute myocardial infarction, which is expected to show final results in 2017.

For Genetrix, the deal is a success for reasons other than monetary. “The acquisition of Coretherapix by TiGenix demonstrates the considerable potential of regenerative medicine and the AlloCSC-01 programme,” explains Cristina Garmendia, President of Genetrix. “It shows that Genetrix has developed projects that can spark the interest of industry partners.” Garmendia, one of the biotech pioneers in Spain, founded Genetrix in 2000 as a business development company for the Life Sciences. Genetrix has managed to snag industry attention before. Three years ago, the company sold its sequencing technology subsidiary X-Pol Biotech to German Sygnis.

Coretherapix S.L. was founded in 2006 with the aim of developing effective and off-the-shelf products for the treatment of ischemic cardiac disease. It has developed AlloCSC-01 from adult allogeneic cardiac progenitor/stem cells. “Our preclinical data has shown evidence of the strong cardio-protective and immunoregulatory activity of AlloCSC-01. In vivo studies suggest that AlloCSC-01 has a cardio-reparative potential activating endogenous regenerative pathways and promoting the formation of new contractile tissue,” the company states.

For TiGenix, the acquisition means growth, most of all. “This acquisition is an important step towards our ambition to become one of the world leaders in the cell therapy space,” stressed Eduardo Bravo, CEO of TiGenix.    



29.07.2015 Newly founded Mereo BioPharma has acquired three mid-stage clinical assets from Novartis. In turn, the Swiss pharma concern will hold a stake in the UK company. Other investors are also on board.


28.07.2015 Irish Allergan is bolstering its product pipeline with a takeover of CNS specialist Naurex. At the same time, the company is divesting its global generics business to Teva.

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24.07.2015 Biotech companies across Europe continue to raise cash on the public markets, generating €3bn in total financing proceedings in the first half of 2015. Compared to 2014, this is almost twice as much.


23.07.2015 US money keeps flowing into Europe's biotechs. As the race for the peanut allergy market heats up, NASDAQ listed French biotech DBV has announced the successful closing of US$281m (€256m) share offering for its allergy products.


21.07.2015 French biotech Deinove has launched a R&D programme to produce the versatile chemical intermediate muconic acid by using a designer variant of the Deinococcus bacteria.


16.07.2015 Sanofi has announced plans to restructure its business in five standalone global business units starting in January 2016. The goal is to promote growth and help the company launch a catalogue of new drugs over the next five years.


15.07.2015 GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has become the first drugmaker to join the Francis Crick Institute. It is a consortium made up of six scientific and academic institutes to conduct research and drug development in the UK. The new institute is set to become a world-leading centre of biomedical research and innovation.


13.07.2015 UK drug developer ReNeuron has pulled in £68.4m (€96m) for its cell therapy pipeline for stroke and blindness treatments. Biotech guru Neil Woodford increases his fund’s stake in ReNeuron.


10.07.2015 Karolinska Development has slashed the reported value of its portfolio by almost half by revising its valuation model for early stage companies and divesting its shares in pain med maker Pharmanest.

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