Genes linked to schizophrenia
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Genes linked to schizophrenia

23.07.2014 - In the largest genomic study published on any psychiatric disorder so far, researchers have indentified 83 new locations in the human genome associated with the risk of developing schizophrenia.

The discovery, which brings the total number of genetic risk factors linked to schizophrenia to 108, could aid the understanding of the biological mechanisms behind the disorder and could at some point even lead to new treatments. The study was published in Nature (doi:10.1038/nature13595) and is the result of the work of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium, the largest consortium and the largest biological experiment in the history of psychiatry. The international, multi-institutional collaboration was founded in 2007 to conduct broad-scale analyses of genetic data for psychiatric disease. The results stem from the Schizophrenia Working Group consisting of over 300 scientists in 35 countries. Michael O’Donovan from Cardiff University, who led the study, commented: “We’ve been able to detect genetic risk factors on a huge and unprecedented scale and shed new light on the biological cause of the condition.”

In one of the genetic locations that were found to be associated with schizophrenia, there is one for which the specific mutation responsible has been identified. People with the GRM3 gene variant are around 2 to 3 times more likely to develop schizophrenia or alcohol dependence, reports a related paper published in Psychiatric Genetics (doi: 10.1097/YPG.0000000000000050). The GRM3 gene is thought to be important in brain signalling and occurs in around one out of 200 people. David Curtis from the University College London, co-author on both papers, said: “We could be looking at the next big drug target for treating mental illness.”

O’Donovan now hopes the wealth of new findings will help kick-start the search for new schizophrenia treatments. However, he warned that tangible results will take time: “Although we are very excited by the findings, it is important not to overstate or misinterpret them. We are still in the early days of trying to understand what causes the disease, however collaborations like this and new genetic tools mean we find ourselves in a unique position. Reaping the full benefits of this research for treatment will be a medium to long game.”



21.07.2014 Abbvie’s tenacious pursuit of British rival Shire is finally paying off: The two companies have unveiled their transatlantic merger worth £32bn (€40bn).


17.07.2014 A trans-border, cross-disciplinary project that aims to model the human brain in a computer has drawn heavy criticism from scientists pledging to boycott the project.


16.07.2014 After rejecting three merger propositions from US competitor Abbvie, Shire has now given up resistance to the deal and is recommending a new and improved offer worth £31.3bn.


15.07.2014 British specialty pharma company Prostrakan is handing over £230m for Archimedes Pharma Limited, a company that brings its lead product Pecfent and its proprietary drug delivery technology platform into the deal.


11.07.2014 Among the seven newly launched Joint Technology Initiatives (JTI) of Horizon2020 are two with deep roots in biotech: IMI is going into its second round while the newly established Bio-based Industries partnership invests in bioeconomy.

Stock marketNetherlandsUKBelgium

10.07.2014 Not one but two biopharma companies are seeking entry into the stock market: After Abzena raised €25m in an IPO earlier this week, Argen-x has followed suit and sold shares worth €40m.

M and AUKIreland

08.07.2014 Abbvie is determined to bring home British rare disease specialist Shire in a merger worth £30.1bn (€37.9bn). So far, Shire has rejected all offers from the US company.

M and ASwitzerland

04.07.2014 Genentech, a member of Swiss Roche Group, is set to acquire US-biotech Seragon Pharmaceuticals Inc. With the move, Genentech will obtain the rights to investigational breast cancer treatments.


03.07.2014 Nicox S.A. is stretching beyond the European market: The French eye health specialist is set to acquire Aciex Therapeutics Inc., a US-based pharma company with several ophthalmic therapeutics nearing market maturity.

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