Best of Biotech 2014
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Best of Biotech 2014

19.12.2014 - We took a look back at 2014: which European Biotechnology News stories topped the charts this year?

European Biotechnology News has delved into 2014’s archives and analysed the click-statistics, and pulled out the shakers and makers from the last twelve months.

It has been a good year for biotech IPOs – news stories on companies going public were highly popular, and the industry report detailing the new IPO boom even made the top three. However, the click record goes to pharma for the third year in a row, with Novartis dominating the most popular headlines.

1. Swiss pharma top dogs Novartis and Roche are among the top ten R&D investors

2. Novartis joins forces with GSK in multi-billion Euro deal

3. New industry report shows European biotech IPO boom

4. German Probiodrug AG and Swiss Molecular Partners AG are launching IPOs

5. Belgian biopharma Thrombogenics is spinning out its cancer R&D activities

Our most popular product: The Candor ReadyTector Immunodetection

The appointment everyone wanted to know more about: Matthew Pauls

The most interesting story excerpt from the magazine: Cancer Immune Therapy

And to send all our readers off with some good Christmas cheer, here are some of our best video finds from 2014. Dodo-burger anyone?

Reinventing the dodo

The top 5 deadly diseases

European Biotechnology News wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We will be back with more news and a packed calendar on Monday, 5th January.



18.12.2014 IMI has launched a €115m call for proposals involving a project in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to improve vaccines against whopping cough in children.


16.12.2014 Two consortia combined of 144 European companies, research institutes and universities have been selected for funding by the EIT in the areas of health and raw materials. Both clusters are set to acquire €1.1bn over the next seven years.


11.12.2014 Luxembourg bio-analytical testing company Eurofins Scientific has signed an agreement to acquire Boston Heart Diagnostics Corp. for an initial €112m.


10.12.2014 When it comes to the biggest investors in Research and Development (R&D) Swiss pharma top dogs Novartis and Roche have defended their positioning among the top ten companies worldwide – according to a recently published EU study.


09.12.2014 British drug delivery specialist Midatech Pharma plc floated on the London stock market. It is the third biotech IPO on the AIM market this year.


05.12.2014 Austrian contract research company VTU has entered into a development and commercialisation agreement with US company RCT. The partners want to combine both companies' Pichia pastoris protein production technologies under VTU's roof.


03.12.2014 Danish biotech pharma Ascendis has successfully completed a €48m Series D financing round. The funding is expected to support its late-stage clinical trials to push its lead drug into Phase III trials.

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