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Although the percentage of land devoted to growing GM crops continues to expand globally, the speed of that expansion has slowed for the fourth consecutive year. Is market saturation for herbicide-tolerant and insect-resistant...

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Glasgow – British biotech company ReNeuron Group plc and a team of doctors in Scotland have won final approval to start a pioneering clinical trial to assess whether a novel stem-cell therapy can help patients disabled by stroke....

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Given the recent increases in the capacity of next-generation sequencing systems from companies like Applied Biosystems, Roche, and Complete Genomics, the integration and analysis of genome, epigenome, transcriptome, and proteome...

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Tumour cells change their genetic expression pattern as they progress to states of increasing malignancy, and investigations at the DNA and RNA levels alone do not provide all the information resulting from the translation and...

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Manila – Global acreage of genetically engineered crops reached 134 million hectares (ha) in the last year, according to the annual statistics of the ISAAA (more). Although this is an increase of 7.1% compared to 2008 figures,...

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Belgian Galapagos NV’s (Mechelen) experimental inhibitor GLPG0259 of protein kinase MAPKAPK5 has shown a good safety profile in a Phase I study, the company announced in mid-February. Galapagos also said the oral small molecule...

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Brussels – In the last few weeks, BASF officials have been wondering why anti-GMO groups had launched a new campaign against the genetically modified potato Amflora, which is pending for EU approval. On Monday, it seems they have...



Europe is to receive a new Super Commissioner for biotech, as well as the largest budget for research the bloc has ever granted. Even before the start of hearings considering the 26 Commission nominees that began in mid-January,...

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LentiKat’s owns, manufactures and distributes a patented immobilization into lentil-shaped Lentikats Biocatalysts. The unique lentil-like shape of the Lentikats Biocatalyst ensures unlimited diffusion of substrate(s) into any part of the matrix, while still retaining a convenient size for easy separation from the reaction medium. They find application in the Pharma & Food industry (including bio-based chemicals), Wastewater treatment as well as Biofuels. more...


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celares GmbH is a Berlin based drug delivery company focused on chemical modifications of biological drugs. We offer customized development services for international pharma and biopharma companies and have manufacturing capabilities for key starting materials used for the preparation of pharmaceutical drugs. For the intensification of our own sales activities we are looking for a sales manager. more...

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