World-class research institutions to launch top-tier biomedical and life sciences journal


Munich/London/ Chevy Chase – The Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Max Planck Society and the Wellcome Trust have announced they will launch a top-class biomedical open access journal by summer 2012. It will be aimed at streamlining the time from discovery to publication, supporting new concepts beyond mainstream research and will be peer-reviewed by active top-class researchers. „The ultimate goal is to attract the very best research papers from life science and biomedical research“, representatives of the institutions, which agreed to cover costs of launching the journal, announced yesterday. For the biopharmaceutical industry the journal offers early identification of novel concepts and options for a more timely translation into clinical concepts. „There was a need for a model of academic publishing that better suits to the needs of the scientific community than journals that need 6 to 12 months from submission to publication, that ask for additional experiments to be carried out before publication and that take fees for publication“, a spokesman of the Max Planck Society told EuroBiotechNews. „This will be a journal from scientists for scientists“, explained Sir Mark Walport, Director of the Wellcome Trust.
„A journal, which aims to represent the very best research outcomes, needs an editorial team of experienced and, crucially, actively practising scientists“, added Herbert Jaeckle, VP of the Max Planck Society. The institutions are yet in the stage of developing a business model for their joint-venture but have already agreed not to take fees-for-publication in the first 3-4 years to ensure nobody can buy a publication. „It is central to find an editor-in-chief who has a network of top-class researchers and who can attract top-class groups to publish in this new open access journal“, the Max Planck spokesman added. The institutions next will carry out market research to design the journal according to the needs of researchers. The plan to launch an alternative to the established journals was developed by about 30 top researchers from the research organisations following a workshop in 2010 at HHMI’s Janelia Farm Research Campus.



London - The not-for-profit UK Biobank, the most comprehensive health study in Britain, is now accessible to researchers from industry and academia. The resource, which contains some 1,000 pieces of health and lifestyle...



London – The British Wellcome Trust announced on 20 March that it will launch a £200m business to invest directly in healthcare and life sciences companies. The business, up to now running under its working title Project Sigma,...



Nanopore sequencer Oxford Nanopore Technologies, a UK firm that promises its third-generation technology could theoretically sequence a human genome in 15 minutes, impressed scientists with the first public presentation of its...



GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is further strengthening its activity in the area of rare diseases. The London-based pharma giant has signed an early-stage deal to develop and commercialise treatments for lysosomal storage disorders...



London/Montreal - Angiochem will collaborate with British pharma trust GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) plc on treatments for lysosomal storage diseases (LSD). London-based GSK will pay $300m, including up to $31.5m in upfront cash and...



London - GlaxoSmithKline re-adjusts its €3.7bn R&D budget. Following a review, three of 38 R&D units will be cut and four new ones installed, the UK drug company said in a statement on 7 Februray. Furthermore, six of the...



London - AstraZeneca tries to shed some weight, anticipating a tough year ahead. 7,300 jobs will be gone soon, the Anglo-Swedish drug company said in a statement. Research and development operations will be cancelled in...



Newhouse – An example of Schumpeter's dictum of creative destruction can be witnessed in Scotland. A former research site of US-pharma company Merck will be reborn as a biotech science park. BioCity Scotland Ltd, a joint venture...

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