OECD gives update of key biotech indicators


Geneva – The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has published the latest comparable figures on the biotech branch in the US and several European countries . As expected, the US had the largest biotech branch with 3,492 biotech R&D firms (including 2,335 dedicated biotech companies, 75% thereof employing less than 50 staff), generating 41.8% of all PCT patent applications and spending $32.4bn on biotech R&D. Taken together, all 27 EU countries made 28.8% of the patent applications. As of 2008, France had the most biotech firms in Europe (1,067/676 thereof dedicated biotechs) and highest company R&D expenditure with $2.5bn, followed by Spain (942/ 305, R&D expenditure by biotechs (bex): $607m, public biotech expenditure (pbe): $1.1bn), Germany (593/501, bex: $1.2bn, pbe: $4.6bn), Switzerland (288/184, bex: $922m), The Netherlands (206/72, bex: $396m, pbe: $138m), Italy (197/117, bex: $360m, pbe: $94m), Ireland (167/71, bex: $302m), Norway (161/n.n., bex: $127m, pbe: $154m), Belgium 145/122 bex: $574m), Finland (141/77), Denmark (124/79, bex: $492m, pbe: $182m), Austria (121/111), Portugal (120/55 bex: $32m, pbe: $32m), the Czech Republic (93/69 bex: $51m, pbe: $88m), Estonia (30/25 bex: $12.7m), Poland (21/11 bex: $9.9m, pbe: $181m), Slovak Republic (11/8 bex: $2.4m, pbe: $12.6m), and Slovenia (10/3 bex: $20.7m, pbe: $3.4m). Biotech R&D intensity was highest in Denmark (0.43%), Switzerland (0.38%), and the US (0.37%). While most biotechs (>60%) were small (less then 50 staff), most biotechnology R&D was undertaken by larger biotechnology firms. Several countries could not meet the OECD deadline and will be included next year: Belgium, Sweden and the UK.



Basel/Hinxton (UK) – Two European teams have created huge repositories of cancer genomics data that help predict drug response. Swiss Novartis and the Boston-based Broad Institute have combined data obtained from large-scale...



London/Lausanne – The global private equity firm Celtic Therapeutic L.L.L.P. believes in the power of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). It is investing $50m in a new Switzerland-based company called ADC Therapeutics Sarl which...



Basel/Vienna - Following promising results from a Phase III study, Roche has submitted a regulatory application to EMA for subcutaneous Herceptin (trastuzumab) to treat HER2-positive breast cancer. Roche said subcutaneous...



After the US Food & Drug Administration forced Swiss generics giant Sandoz AG to update its production facilities in Quebec, there are now fears that supplies of some medicines could grow tight in Canada. The regulatory authority...



The hepatitis C space has seen a string of large deals in the last weeks that include a US$11bn buyout of Pharmasset by Gilead. Now Novartis is also trying to get in the game with the purchase of a global exclusive licence from...



Allschwil – Swiss Actelion Ltd. has strengthened its commercial offerings by securing rights in certain countries to Auxilium’s biotech drug Xiaflex for treating tissue buildup under the skin. The US pharma is to receive US$10m...



Zug – Life Sciences specialist HBM partners has raised €90m in the first close of its HBM BioCapital II fund, which will invest in revenue-generating companies in the pharmaceuticals, medical device and diagnostics sectors....



Stans – Mondobiotech, a drug discovery company in troubled waters, could soon be under Italian ownership: The Swiss biotech announced it has entered into exclusive negotiations with Milan-based provider of pharmaceutical and...

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