Genes play a role in lighting up


Reykjavik – Researchers from the Icelandic bio­tech company deCODE – together with colleagues from 23 institutions in a dozen countries – have determined that genetic factors influence both nico­tine dependence and the incidence of lung cancer. Cigarette smoking is a major cause of illness and death worldwide. The behaviour is a complex one, with variables ranging from how much people smoke to how hard they find it to quit. The impact of long-term smoking on health also varies greatly among individuals. A substantial portion of this variability is genetic, the researchers have now revealed. “Smoking is bad for any­one’s health. But it is even worse for some, and our discoveries continue to strengthen our ability to identify who those people are and give them a compelling additional reason to quit,” said Kári Stefánsson, Executive Chairman at deCODE. Two years ago, deCODE discovered the first common, single-letter variation (SNP) in the sequence of the human genome, on chromosome 15q25, to be associated with nicotine addiction and the risk of lung cancer. Now the scientists have stated that common SNPs on chromo­somes 8p11 and 19q13 among smokers increase the number of cigarettes smoked per day (CPD) – a measure of nicotine addiction – and indicate an increased risk of lung cancer. Published on April 25th in the online edition of Nature Genetics, the study analyses detailed genotypic and smoking data from more than 130,000 participants.



The vaccine research centre of the University of Tampere in Finland has out­licenced a candidate combined prophylactic vaccine against norovirus and rota­virus infections. The Japanese vaccine venture UMN Pharma Inc. acquired the...



Finnish protein manufacturer Vectron Biosolutions AS has completed a study comparing different expression technologies. According to Vectron, their proprietary E. coli expression technology gave higher yields for seven out of ten...



Lappeenranta – Finnish paper industry major UPM plans to invest in an industry-scale biorefinery producing biofuels from crude tall oil, a by-product of the wood pulp manufacturing process. UPM’s total investment will amount to...



Helsinki/Göttingen – Finnish laboratory supplier Biohit Oyj has sold its liquid handling business for €68m to German process and labtech provider Sartorius AG. Osmo Suovaniemi, founder and Chairman of the Board at Biohit,...



Porvoo/Chalfont St. Giles – GE Healthcare and Neste Jacobs have formed a strategic alliance to drive worldwide self-sufficiency in blood plasma fractionation. Finnish-based Neste Jacobs Oy, a global expert in plant engineering...



Bresso/Turku – The wedding's off between Newron and Biotie. The bride has run away. Shares in Italy's Newron Pharmaceuticals plunged after its proposed merger with Biotie Therapies Corp was called off by the Finnish firm....



Turku/ Bresso – It is both good and bad news for the Italian biotechnology sector: Finnish Biotie Therapies ASA has signed an agreement to acquire Newron Pharmaceuticals S.p.A. for €45 million. On the down side, Italy loses one...



Hafnarfjodur – Actavis Group CEO Claudio Albrecht announced at the beginning of February that the company may go public within the next 2-3 years, although it isn’t clear whether the generics manufacturer would conduct an IPO,...

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