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Copenhagen - The drug discovery company BioImage A/S focuses on identifying new therapeutics against known signaling targets in order to modulate the activity of signaling pathways, using Redistribution®-based pathway screening. In response to pharmacologic stimuli such as test compounds, the intracellular location of many proteins undergoes distinctive changes. The Redistribution® technology enables the monitoring of protein translocations in living cells as a primary assay readout by tagging relevant targets with Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) and using high throughput imaging to quantify the responses.
Assays for Monitoring
Protein Translocation
Modes of action that are detected by Redistribution® include conventional inhibitors of catalytic activity, as well as compounds that target protein localization domains, adaptor/scaffolding molecules without inherent catalytic activity, compounds that induce conformational change of the target, and compounds that inhibit protein-protein interactions. BioImage has active internal early discovery projects which aim to advance inflammation and oncology lead compounds to a preclinical stage prior to partnership. The company profiles lead compounds for clients through panels of existing Redistribution® assays and develops custom assays for client targets. It can perform primary screens and pathway screening for client libraries and access to Redistribution® technology through licensing.
BioImage A/S
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