Caspase-14 shields skin damage


Ghent – Researchers from VIB, Flanders Interuniversity Institute of Biotechnology have found a molecule which shields the skin from damages from UV-B rays and dehydration. They believe that overprotection of Caspase-14 could open up a way to fortify the skin as a barrier against all kinds of stress. When Geertrui Denecker and colleagues knocked out the aspartat protease Caspase-14 in lab mice, they observed increased levels of UV-B-mediated apoptosis in the epidermis as well as an altered structure of its outer surface, the stratum corneum (Nature Cell Biol. 9(6):666-74). Further analyses showed that caspase-14 deficency led to a significant increase of so-called keratohyalin F- granules, a kind of storage vehicle for profilaggrin, a calcium binding protein involved in terminal differentiation of the epidermal cells. Experiments with a recombinant Caspase-14 showed that profilaggrin-processing is impaired in the knock-out mice. This is accompanied by formation of cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers, leading to UVB-sensitivity.



Brussels – Promethera Biosciences has completed a Series B financing round, generating proceeds of €23.6m. The Belgian cell therapy company secured a capital increase of €17m from its new investors, among them the venture arms...



Leuven – Biopharmaceutical company ThromboGenics has entered into an agreement with Alcon Inc., a division of Novartis for the commercialisation of its product ocriplasmin in all markets outside the U.S. ThromboGenics said it...



Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics has announced a financial manoeuvre aimed at getting the biotech out of a hopeless situation. The assets and – more importantly – the liabilities of the drug developer will be acquired by a newly...



Amsterdam - Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics has announced a financial manoeuvre which is aimed to get the biotech out of a dead end. The assets and – more importantly – the liabilities of the drug developer will be acquired by...



Glasgow/Leuven - With a little help from the EU, two biotech companies are banding together to develop the first stem cell therapy against rheumatoid arthritis. UK-based Sistemic will work with TiGenix to develop the Belgian's...



Amsterdam – Two elephants in the biofuels business join forces. Dutch food and chemicals group Royal DSM and POET, LLC, a US-based ethanol producer, announced a plan to build a commercial cellulosic ethanol plant. POET–DSM...



Heerlen - Royal DSM N.V will be the industrial partner to the Panoptes consortium, which aims to develop novel drug delivery technology for the posterior eye segment. The four year project is supported by EUR4m in funding from...



Leiden - Dutch Pharming Group NV has taken a further step to secure sound financing even beyond the recent milestone payments. The drug developer announced that it has entered into a financing of approximately €8.4 million by...



Ghent – Just days after US pharmaceuticals giant Pfizer pulled out of a rheumatoid arthritis pact with Ablynx NV, the Belgian biopharmaceutical company expanded its relationship with Merck Serono. Ablynx has now entered into a...

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