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Austria to coordinate BBMRI, the world’s largest biobank resource


Graz – Austria is likely to lead the EU’s efforts to integrate existing national biobanks and associated data throughout Europe into a European biobanking infrastructure. The resource is aimed at reaching critical mass for the discovery of disease-associated biomarkers, which play a major role in the development of more targeted therapeutics that show fewer side effects. “The ministers of the member states, which will financially contribute to the BBMRI (Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Initiative) through their national research budgets, are going to decide next year from where the biobanking hub will be coordinated”, said Prof Kurt Zatloukal from Graz Medical University, coordinator of BBMRI’s preparatory phase. Both the Netherlands and Austria had offerd to host the initiative, but according to Zatloukal, there is no direct competition. Within its short lifetime of one and a half years, the BBMRI has already mobilised more than 30 million euros. Zatloukal also stated that it is difficult to predict how many blood and tissue samples will be available through the BBMRI after its 5-year preparatory phase, as nobody knows at this time exactly how many governments will cooperate with funding from national budgets. To date, 51 partners and 210 associated partners from 31 nations have contributed to the preparatory phase. In mid-October, the Dutch gavernment allocated EUR 22.5M to BBMRI-NL, the Dutch arm of the BBMRI (see more). Following the announcemant , online news portals wrongly reported that the Netherlands will lead the BBMRI initiative.



Breast cancer patients who receive radiation therapy often suffer from inflammation linked to the treatment. Austrian Apeiron Biologics AG is now developing a topical superoxide dismutase treatment (APN201) to try to help these...



The Paracelsus Private Medical University (PMU) in Salzburg is to build a new research center for spinal cord injuries. The €70m construction tab will be picked up by Dietrich Mateschitz, the owner of Red Bull. Other partners in...



Vienna – Two big investors have poured €25m into Austrian vaccine specialist Affiris AG. Venture fund Santo VC – the investment vehicle of German biotech investors Thomas and Andreas Strüngmann – donated €20m, while the German...



Vienna – In Affiris they trust – as a proof of their faith, two big investors poured €25 million into the Austrian developer of a possible Alzheimer drug. Venture fonds Santo VC, the investment vehicle of the German billionaires...



Innsbruck – Austrian specialist for so-called ugimeres, Ugichem GmbH, has landed fresh funding. Along with V+ GmbH and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Swiss private investors invested about EUR2m to develop the first...



Innsbruck – An Austrian physician has been fined EUR4,500 in a case involving a controversial stem cell therapy for incontinence. In early August, an Innsbruck Regional Court adjudged Hannes Strasser, who developed the method, at...



Vienna – Nabriva Therapeutics AG, an Austrian specialist for the development of novel antibiotics, has achieved proof-of-concept for its first product in a clinical Phase II study. Called BC-3781, the compound is used to treat...



Vienna – Nabriva Therapeutics AG, an Austrian specialist for the development of novel antibiotics, has achieved proof-of-concept for its first product in a clinical Phase II study. Called BC-3781, the compound is used to treat...



Vienna - f-star, an antibody specialist, today announced the closing of aEUR 15 Million financing. The investment was led by SR One, the corporate venture capital arm of GlaxoSmithKline. All of f-star’s existing investors, Atlas...

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