Algeta targets breast cancer and angiogenesis through research pact with Affibody


Oslo – Norwegian targeted cancer radiotherapy specialist Algeta ASA has stepped into a global exclusive research, development and commercialisation agreement with Swedish Affibody AB (Stockholm), aimed at targeting its alpha particle-emitting thorium-227 radionuclides against Her2neu- and PDGFRβ-overexpressing tumours. Under the terms of the agreement Algeta and Affibody will determine whether two 6.5 kDa antibody mimetics, which target Her2 and PDGFRβ, can be effective carriers targeting molecules for Algeta’s thorium-227 payload. If the initial research collaboration is successful, Algeta will be responsible for all preclinical and clinical development of any development candidates that result from this collaboration, and commercialization. The companies did not publish any financial details about upfront fees, milestones or other payments to Affibody. With the agreement, Algeta will also gain access to Affibody’s Albumod platform which is designed to prevent the normally rapid renal clearance of radiolabelled Affibodies. Researchers recently published details on strategies to prolong plasma half life of radiolabelled Affibody conjugates. Algeta hopes 1st targeted radiotherapy can overcome drug-resistance mechanisms. In addition, tumour cells adjacent to those bound by the alpha-pharmaceutical may also be destroyed even if they do not bind the drug themselves. The short range of the alpha particle means that damage to healthy cells and side effects may be minimized.

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Brussels – In an effort to solve the probem of asynchronous GMO market approvals, the European Commission is making another attempt to relax the current European zero-tolerance rules for non-EU approved GMOs. In May, the...

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For years, DNA fingerprinting has been celebrated as the gold standard in for­ensic science and crime investigation. But now it has became clear that among the 6 million DNA fingerprints taken from criminal offenders which are...

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Rising yields from biomanufacturing processes are opening up new avenues in upstream processing, especially when it comes to mammalian cell culture technology. This EuroBiotechNews biomanufacturing special (pages 32-44) trains...

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he increasing maturity of the biopharmaceuticals market – together with a rising number of biosimilar developments and market applications – is leading to a sharper focus on the cost of goods (COG) for biomanufacturing....

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Brussels – An internal EU paper outlines European Commission plans to give more power to the EU member states to independently decide whether GMOs can be planted on their territories. According to Reuters, the Commission does not...

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Brussels – The European Commission has set out its plans to simplify the procedures for taking part in EU-funded research projects. 'I want researchers to spend more time in the lab and less time in the office,' stated EU...

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Vienna /Brussels – EU Health Commissioner John Dalli has called on agriculture companies for full transparency in GMO research. During a meeting at CropLife International, the Commissioner said that every research result relevant...

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New York - A federal judge in New York on Monday struck down patents on two genes linked to breast and ovarian cancers. Insiders say that the decision against Myriad Genetics could have a lasting impact on medical research and...



Lonza Group Ltd (Basel) has enlisted Roche‘s former Global Head of Research, Prof. Dr. Jonathan Knowles, as its new Scientific Advisor. Knowles will be mainly shaping Lonza‘s LIFT initiative, which is designed to deliver...

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