New wings for spinal research


The Paracelsus Private Medical University (PMU) in Salzburg is to build a new research center for spinal cord injuries. The €70m construction tab will be picked up by Dietrich Mateschitz, the owner of Red Bull. Other partners in the project include the province of Salzburg, Salzburg’s University Hospital and the Foundation for Spinal Cord Research “Wings for Life”, which was also founded by Mateschitz. The new facility in Salzburg will focus on several research areas, including stem cells, the regeneration of nerve cells and molecular approaches to restoring injured nerve connections. Other priorities include the prevention of secondary damage after spinal cord injuries have occurred, and compensation therapies that rely on stimulation of nerves and patient rehabilitation. “This is the third largest amount that a European university has ever received from an individual,” said PMU Rector Herbert Resch. Construction will begin in the first half of 2012. It will host numerous research and teaching facilities on 8,000m2. “The close integration of basic science and clinical research on new cross-sectional and tissue regeneration will be one of the great features of the new facilities,” stressed Resch. In all, these will employ three research professors and around 40 staff.

Politics / Law


London – The European Medicines Agency (EMA) will publish information about all drugs under review, beginning on March 1. On a monthly basis the company will issue a list disclosing the international non-proprietary name and...

Politics / Law


Brussels – The European Commission has adopted a strategy to set the European economy on a biological base. "Europe needs to make the transition to a post-petroleum economy", said Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science...

Politics / Law


Brusssels/Manila - The acreage of GM crops is on the rise worldwide - even in Europe. Roughly 160 million hectares were planted with biotech crops in 2011, up 8 per cent from 2010, the International Service for the Acquisition of...

Politics / Law


London/Brussels - The exodus of plant biotechnology out of Europe seems to have accelerated. Just three weeks ago, BASF Plant Science announced it would leave Europe as an R&D location for developing its GM plants. But now,...

Politics / Law


Brussels – Predicting the future is often not more than a guessing game. But two signs recently appeared on the horizon which indicate that the biotechnology industry will play a dominant role in the dynamics of EU economics in...



Innsbruck/Brussels - Twelve institutions in seven countries are working together to learn more about how one of the deadliest cancers interacts with its environment. The consortium OPTATIO (OPtimizing TArgets and Therapeutics In...

Tech Review


After years of strong double-digit value growth, the biologics market has recently stuttered, seeing year-on-year growth fall below 10%. As product space grows increasingly crowded, future success will depend on opening up the...

Tech Review


Until a decade ago, the United States was the undisputed leader in bioscience industry development. Global competition within the industry has dramatically increased – fueled in large part by low-cost labor, the speed of...

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London – The EMA has proposed revising its guidelines for biosimilar products. In mid-November the Agency said that the current “conceptual” guidelines – which date back to 2005, when no bio­similar products were marketed in the...

Tech Review


Denmark’s tradition of successful pharmaceutical companies and clinical trials stretches back more than a century, and over the past decade the country has emerged as a major global player in the field of biotech research.Denmark...

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