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Euro 50 million for EU research


Brussels – The four specific programmes “Ideas”, “People”, “Capacities” and “Cooperation” of the European Union’s 7th Research Framework Programme (FP7) will have a total budget of Euro 50,521 million. In mid-December the European Parliament and the European Council adopted the budget for the programme that will run from 2007 to 2013. The biggest part of the money (Euro 32 413 million) has being allocated to the “Cooperation” programme, which includes 10 research areas and several Era-Nets. Euro 6.100 million has been reserved for the priority “Health” with a focus on “omics”-technologies, and Euro 1.935 million will be channelled into “Food, agriculture and fisheries, and biotechnology”. Additionally, about 40% of the Euro 7.510 million allocated to the European Research Council (“Ideas programme”) will be available for outstanding basic research into biological systems. Most of the Euro 4.097 million of the Capacity programme will be invested into research for the benefit of SMEs (Euro 1.336 million) and into research infrastructure (Euro 1.735 million). Mobility of researchers (“People”) will be funded with Euro 4.750 million. First calls in the thematic priorities “Health” and Food (deadline 19 April) were published on 22 December. In contrast to FP6, Networks of Excellence have been renamed into Large Scale Integrating Projects. All work programmes, calls, and other information on FP7 funding are available at the new Cordis website cordis.europa.eu/fp7/home_en.html.

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The human race is at war with another species, and has been for thousands of years. Each of us in Europe swats dead dozens of the enemy every summer, and in the tropics they kill thousands of people with infectious diseases...

Tech Review


The Philogen group is a specialist for therapies against cancer. Unlike other private companies, the Swiss-Italian firm has developed a rich pipeline of antibodies consisting of five different molecules being tested in 15...

Tech Review


Success in the biopharmaceutical industry is mainly driven by the ability to innovate, and the continuous development of new products is crucial in that context. Shortening development times is key. The use of comprehensive...

Tech Review


Zurich-based NeurImmune AG follows unconventional routes – for example, the company doesn’t rely on VC investors. And Neurimmune has also turned the drug discovery process upside down by taking its drug candidates from healthy...

Tech Review


The use of bispecific antibodies recognising two different targets may allow improvement of clinical efficacy. A bispecific antibody for two growth factors that stimulate the formation of blood vessels – Ang2 (Angiopoietin-2) and...

Clinical Trial


Sweden’s Karo Bio AB has been hit hard by toxicity issues with its lead compound eprotirome. The anti-cholesterol drug – which was in Phase III clinical development – proved unsafe in a long-term animal tests. The drug lead to...

Clinical Trial


Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals Inc. reported on 22 February that its lead candidate drug proved successful in a clinical trial involving 12 patients who suffer from hemophilia B. The results were presented at the 5th Annual EAHAD...

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