OECD gives update of key biotech indicators


Geneva – The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has published the latest comparable figures on the biotech branch in the US and several European countries . As expected, the US had the largest biotech branch with 3,492 biotech R&D firms (including 2,335 dedicated biotech companies, 75% thereof employing less than 50 staff), generating 41.8% of all PCT patent applications and spending $32.4bn on biotech R&D. Taken together, all 27 EU countries made 28.8% of the patent applications. As of 2008, France had the most biotech firms in Europe (1,067/676 thereof dedicated biotechs) and highest company R&D expenditure with $2.5bn, followed by Spain (942/ 305, R&D expenditure by biotechs (bex): $607m, public biotech expenditure (pbe): $1.1bn), Germany (593/501, bex: $1.2bn, pbe: $4.6bn), Switzerland (288/184, bex: $922m), The Netherlands (206/72, bex: $396m, pbe: $138m), Italy (197/117, bex: $360m, pbe: $94m), Ireland (167/71, bex: $302m), Norway (161/n.n., bex: $127m, pbe: $154m), Belgium 145/122 bex: $574m), Finland (141/77), Denmark (124/79, bex: $492m, pbe: $182m), Austria (121/111), Portugal (120/55 bex: $32m, pbe: $32m), the Czech Republic (93/69 bex: $51m, pbe: $88m), Estonia (30/25 bex: $12.7m), Poland (21/11 bex: $9.9m, pbe: $181m), Slovak Republic (11/8 bex: $2.4m, pbe: $12.6m), and Slovenia (10/3 bex: $20.7m, pbe: $3.4m). Biotech R&D intensity was highest in Denmark (0.43%), Switzerland (0.38%), and the US (0.37%). While most biotechs (>60%) were small (less then 50 staff), most biotechnology R&D was undertaken by larger biotechnology firms. Several countries could not meet the OECD deadline and will be included next year: Belgium, Sweden and the UK.



Ghent/Geneva - Ablynx rides the biotech rollercoaster. Only days after US-pharma company Pfizer pulled out of a rheumatoid arthritis pact, the Belgian bipharmaceutical outfit expanded its relationship with Merck Serono. Ablynx...



Alschwil - Actelion Ltd. gets a badly needed injection of fresh capital. Under the guidance of the two biggest Swiss banks, UBS and Credit Suisse, the Swiss biopharmaceutical company takes up €171 million agreeing to pay a 4,875%...



Basel/San Diego –Swiss drug company Roche has announced it is buying biotech-company Anadys Pharmaceuticals for US$230 million. Under the terms of the merger agreement, Roche will commence an all cash tender offer for all...

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The Swiss technology transfer organisation Unitectra is the winner of the European Biotechnica Award 2011. The specialist for technology transfer received the award from hands of Lower Saxony's Minister for Economy Jörg Bode. The...



Liestal – Swiss Santhera AG has announced strict savings measures. Out of a total of 21 employees, almost every second is now slated to be sacked. The biotech firm is closing its department of preclinical development and scaling...



Schlieren – Swiss biotechnology company Cytos AG has finally devised a plan to help its lead candidate into Phase II, but to achieve it, the cash-strapped company is having to slash its workforce by a whopping 85%. To ensure the...



Geneva – Swiss biotech Addex Pharmaceuticals AG has regained all rights to its metabotropic glutamate receptor 4 (mGluR4) positive allosteric modulator (PAM) programme from Merck&Co, (known as MSD outside the United States and...



Hamburg – When the compound EVT302 failed proof-of-concept testing in the spring of 2009, investors began backing away from Evotec AG shares. Now the selective MAO-B inhibitor is back, and has powered a leap in the company’s...



Zurich – The FDA has posted a manufacturing warning to Lonza following an inspection of the firm's microbial production site for Eisai’s cancer drug Ontak in Hopkinton. However, analysts at Vontobel said that the impact of the...



Schlieren - Swiss biotechnology company Cytos has devised a plan to get its lead candidate into Phase II. To achieve this, the cash strapped company will slash its workforce, as previously announced, by 85%. To ensure the...

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