Probiotics head south


Belgrade/Lund – Swedish developer of probiotic bacteria Probi AB (Lund) has signed a distribution agreement with Serbian pharmaceutical company Proton System (Belgrade). The agreement gives Proton System the right to sell one of Probi’s bacterial dietary supplements in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Slovenia and Hungary. Proton System has already placed an initial order worth approximately €95,000 for fruit drinks based on Probi’s Lp299v bacteria, which improves iron uptake in the gut. “Proton System has a very good network in the region, and this will allow them to handle the important issues of registration, distribution and marketing in a fast and efficient way,” says Probi CEO Michael Oredsson.
The deal is part of a wider marketing campaign from one of the largest companies carrying out research on probiotic bacteria. In July, Probi closed another deal for Poland with Sanum Polska, a subsidiary of German Sanum Kehlbeck that markets “bacterial immune modulators,” just a few weeks after signing a similar agreement with Kraft Foods (US) for digestive health foods. According to the company, pharmaceuticals and food supplements are expanding rapidly due to a boost in consumer demand from different age groups.



Ljubljana - Bayer AG and Lek d.d. signed a Share Purchase Agreement at the end of September transferring Lek's ownership share of 51% in Bayer Pharma d.o.o. to Bayer. By signing the Share Purchase Agreement, Bayer Pharma d.o.o....



Ljubljana – The fifth meeting of the Slovenian biochemical society will take place from September 25th to 28th in the upcoming year. It will be held at the J. Stefan Institute, close to Ljubljana City centre. Main topics of the...

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LentiKat’s offers an unusual investment opportunity

LentiKat’s owns, manufactures and distributes a patented immobilization into lentil-shaped Lentikats Biocatalysts. The unique lentil-like shape of the Lentikats Biocatalyst ensures unlimited diffusion of substrate(s) into any part of the matrix, while still retaining a convenient size for easy separation from the reaction medium. They find application in the Pharma & Food industry (including bio-based chemicals), Wastewater treatment as well as Biofuels. more...

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celares GmbH is a Berlin based drug delivery company focused on chemical modifications of biological drugs. We offer customized development services for international pharma and biopharma companies and have manufacturing capabilities for key starting materials used for the preparation of pharmaceutical drugs. For the intensification of our own sales activities we are looking for a sales manager. more...


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