Axxam and Polyphor bag EU funding for discovery of new GLP-1R modulators


Milan/Allschill – Italian Axxam SpA and Swiss Polyphor Ltd have joined forces to develop new APIs for treatment of diabetes II. Within the Eurostars programme the companies will receive an EUR 3.1 million EU fund over the next 3 years for combining their platforms to find modulators of the Glucagon-like-peptide 1 receptor (GLP-1R). Activated GLP1R stimulates the adenylyl cyclase pathway which results in increased insulin synthesis and release of insulin.[5] Consequently GLP1R has been suggested as a potential target for the treatment of diabetes.GLP1R is also expressed in the brain where it is involved in the control of appetite. While Axxam will provide tools and assays for drug screening, Polyphor will generate scaffolds that interact with the target, including allosteric modulators and receptor desensitizers. The Swiss firm has build expertise to design small cyclic peptide-like molecules that mimic secondary structure motifs involved in protein-protein interactions (PEMfinder platform) and will bring in its MacroFinder® compound library into the partnership. Axxam performs a wide range of activities including assay development, high-throughput screening, compound profiling and hit-to-lead testing.



Rome – The Italian GMO-saga continues. After Italy’s Council of State recently overturned a ban on the cultivation of genetically modified MON810 maize, the political empire is striking back. Federal Minister for Agriculture Luca...



Siena – Roche AG is pursuing Alzheimer therapies developed by Siena Biotech. The Swiss pharma company has decided to exercise an option to become the lead party for the further development and commercialisation of certain...



Arcavacata di Rende (Italy) – Researchers from the University of Calabria have established that activation of the nuclear farnesoid X receptor (FXR) can slow the growth of tamoxifen-resistant breast cancer cells. It is the first...

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Siena/Basel - Roche has committed to the compounds the Italian outfit Siena Biotech is developing for the use against Alzheimer's disease. The Swiss pharma company will exercise its option to become the lead party for further...



Lainate – Cosmo’s bid for its Italian peer BioXell was successful. At the end of the acceptance period on February 26th, the Italian drug developer traded at the Zurich stock exchange, held 98.96% of all BioXell shares. The offer...



Rome – The Consiglio di Stato, Italy‘s highest court, has overturned the standing ban on the cultivation of genetically modified Mon810 maize. According to the Court, say local papers, Italian farmers do not have to wait with the...



Milan – A court in Milan has given bio­pharmaceutical company MolMed some preliminary breathing space regarding possible patent infringement with MolMed’s cell therapy for the treatment of haematological malignancies (more...)....



Rome – Sigma-Tau S.p.A has achieved promising initial results in a clinical study to evaluate the potential of Zadaxin to increase immune response to the MF59 adjuvanted H1N1 influenza monovalent vaccine Focetria from Novartis....



Lainate – Cosmo Pharmaceuticals has published its public tender offer to acquire all of fellow Italian company Bio­Xell’s outstanding shares. The specialist for optimised generics first offered to buy BioXell for CHF41.3m...



Lainate – Italian company Cosmo Pharmaceuticals SpA has anounced to launch a public tender offer to acquire all outstanding shares of BioXell SpA. According to the pre-announcement, the drug manufacturer’s offer includes a total...

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LentiKat’s offers an unusual investment opportunity

LentiKat’s owns, manufactures and distributes a patented immobilization into lentil-shaped Lentikats Biocatalysts. The unique lentil-like shape of the Lentikats Biocatalyst ensures unlimited diffusion of substrate(s) into any part of the matrix, while still retaining a convenient size for easy separation from the reaction medium. They find application in the Pharma & Food industry (including bio-based chemicals), Wastewater treatment as well as Biofuels. more...

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