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Cows Produce Therapeutics


Vienna/Munich/Bari - Researchers from Austria, Germany and Italy have cloned nine cows to produce a special anti-cancer antibody in their blood (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., April 22, doi 10.1073). With the “cow system” they yielded up to 0.1g/L of the bi-specific single chain antibody. In an in vitro assay the antibody lead to death of more than 90% of melanoma cells by activating human T-killer lymphocytes: With its first specifity the antibody binds specifically to the proteoglycan of the mela-noma cells. The other binding site activates killer cells through binding of their CD 28 surface receptor.
The expression of therapeutic antibodies in animal blood cells could be a promising route to overcome limitations of other expression systems for therapeutic proteins, according to the researchers around Gottfried Brem from University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna. The new gene farming approach offers higher yields and proteins with higher stability in the human body.



Rome/Milan – Together with two Italian research institutes, British drug giant Glaxo­SmithKline has begun to develop a therapy for the heriditary immune defect ADA-SCID, which affects only 350 children worldwide. Fondazione...



Rome – When it comes to GMOs, the gap between Italy’s federal government and its regions that has marked the country for years is rapidly widening into a gulf. The latest rupture was on display at the October session of the...



Valletta – A new Life Sciences Park is to be created on the outskirts of Malta’s capital Valletta. The EUR20m project will provide space for companies operating in biotechnology and medical sciences. The park will be located in...



Verona – Scientists at Glaxo­SmithKline in Verona have discovered that specific neurons in the amygdala control how mice react to fear stimuli. When they switched off the so-called Type I cells in the animals’ amyg­dala, the mice...



San Michele all’Adige – The genetic code of the Golden Delicious apple has been deciphered. Led by Riccardo Velasco at the Edmund Mach Foundation in San Michele all’Adige in Italy’s Trentino province, a team of scientists from 20...



: It’s hard to be a pro-GMO campaigner in Italy. Since 2001, the regions there have not implemented the plans for coexistence that were suggested by a ministerial decree. Instead, there was a de facto Italian moratorium on GM...



Milan – One of Italy’s biggest biotech players wants to raise EUR58m to boost its pipeline of cancer therapies. The round will be closed on July 16th. With operating costs of EUR22.5m and a total loss of about EUR17m in 2009,...



Milan – Italian researchers have restored sight to blind patients using stem cells from the patients’ own bodies. In a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine (10.1056/NEJMoa0905955), scientists from Modena and...

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