Bavarian Nordic Receives US-Patent


Copenhagen - Bavarian Nordic A/S has been recently issued a patent on its proprietary MVA-BN® technology by the United States Patent and Trademark Office which grants exclusive rights to the Danish company and claims MVA-BN® and derivatives thereof. Safety in humans continues to be the overriding challenge in vaccine development and production.
The patent grant to the MVA-BN virus, which is non-replicative in humans, acknowledges the novelty and utility of such a virus exhibiting the demonstrated safety profile of the MVA-BN technology and other claimed MVA viruses with similar characteristics. The patent includes the use of MVA-BN as a smallpox vaccine Imva-mune™, and extends to its use as a vector technology for developing recombinant vaccines against viral infectious diseases, such as HIV, Dengue Fever, Japanese Encephalitis. The patent covers the use of the MVA-BN technology in generating immunity in healthy and immune compromized subjects and inducing immunity through priming and boosting vaccination schedules. “With the issuance of this broad patent to the MVA-BN virus and its like acting derivatives, it will be difficult for others to develop and produce a safe and effective MVA-based vaccine without a license under this patent,” said CEO Peter Wulff.
The patent was followed by a fast track designation from the FDA for Imvamune, which will not impact the company's financial projections for 2004 of revenues of Euro18.8 million. Bavarian Nordic also entered into a collaboration on Imvamune with Glaxo-Smith-Kline (GSK) in July. GSK will manufacture and market the vaccine to international markets, including North and South America, Japan and a number of important EU-markets, including the UK and France. The Danish company will manufacture and market Imvamune to all German-speaking, Nordic and Baltic countries, China, the Middle East and South East Asia.



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Kvistgaard – Bavarian Nordic A/S of Denmark has raised DKK698m (EUR94m)through a rights issue to fund development of its prostate cancer vaccine Prostvac. A total of 12.9 million shares were sold at DKK54. The company announced...



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