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Golgi expands marketing


Nicosia – Golgi Pharmaceuticals Ltd is strengthening its collaboration with London-based ReGen Therapeutics. The Cypriot firm will produce and package Colostrinin tablets, and expand distribution to Greece and other Balkan countries. The proline-rich polypeptide complex is derived from mammalian colostrum. The compound and peptides it contains could have potential treating neurodegenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis according to clinical studies conducted in Poland in 2002. In 2008, Cyprus was the first EU state to allow sales of Colostrinin.



Athens - A three-day conference covering all issues of biotechnology at both fundamental and application level will be held in July this year in Athens: “2nd International Greek Biotechnology Forum - IGBF2”. The event aims at...



Athens - The Greek agriculture minister recently announced that the country will destroy over 9,000 acres of fields planted with biotech-mixed cotton. The Greek government will pay affected farmers an estimated Euro4 million....



Heraklion/Paris - Together with French Vaxon-Biotech S.A. the Herak-lion University Hospital in Crete has completed the phase I trial of Vaxon's candidate vaccine VX-001, which contains a single optimized cryptic peptide that...



Athens - The Hellenic Innovation Centre presented a new technology in October that enables the production of high-grade pharmaceutical raw material like Inter-feron- and - , Erythropoietin, FSH, and HGH, without unwanted...



Heraklion - The recent research advances on lymphocytes, the most sophisticated of all mature hematopoietic cell types, will be presented during the 2nd Gene Regulation in Lymphocyte Develop-ment Workshop to be held on October...



Valetta - Further to the launch of its DNA Forensics division in February 2004, Synergene Profiling, a subsidiary of the Synergene Biotechnology Group, has successfully completed its first DNA forensic cases.Contracted on behalf...



Athens - The Helenic Society for the Study and Applications of Growth Hormones will hold the 2nd International Congress on Adult Consequences of Childhood Endocrine Diseases from May 6-8 in Athens. Main topics are going to be the...



Attard - The international network Gendia has recently developed a new fast pre-natal test for the most common aneuploidies by quantitative fluorescent PCR (QF-PCR). Gendia was founded last year by the Malta-based biotech company...



Rhodos - SEED ECOLOGY 2004, the first thematic, scientific conference devoted exclusively to seeds and the environment, will take place in Rhodos (April 25 to May 1). The scientific program will cover all aspects of seed eco-logy...



Athens - Biovista recently announced he licensing of its Journal Research AnalystTM (JRA) market intelligence tool by Upstate, Chalottesville/USA, one of the leading suppliers of cell signaling reagents and kinase screening...

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LentiKat’s offers an unusual investment opportunity

LentiKat’s owns, manufactures and distributes a patented immobilization into lentil-shaped Lentikats Biocatalysts. The unique lentil-like shape of the Lentikats Biocatalyst ensures unlimited diffusion of substrate(s) into any part of the matrix, while still retaining a convenient size for easy separation from the reaction medium. They find application in the Pharma & Food industry (including bio-based chemicals), Wastewater treatment as well as Biofuels. more...

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celares GmbH is a Berlin based drug delivery company focused on chemical modifications of biological drugs. We offer customized development services for international pharma and biopharma companies and have manufacturing capabilities for key starting materials used for the preparation of pharmaceutical drugs. For the intensification of our own sales activities we are looking for a sales manager. more...


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