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Crucell lays off 60 Berna people


London – The Dutch vaccine developer Crucell NV will be concentrating its research and development activities at its headquarters in Leiden. The restructuring will result in the laying-off of 60 Berna staff in Bern. At the end of last year, the Belgian biotech company overtook its Swiss rivals Berna Biotech in an all-stock deal. The decision came after clinical studies for the company’s lead product, a vaccine candidate for the prevention of an Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection, were suspended. During the meger talks, Crucell had calmed opposing Berna stockholders with the promise that it would maintain the staff in Bern. With the new growth potential that the two companies now possess, an extension in the number of staff in Bern would be possible, said Crucell, before the merger was completed.



Hamburg/Brussels - Evotec AG and UCB Pharma seem to be satisfied with their relationship. The Belgian pharmaceutical company entered into a second multi-year, multi-target integrated drug discovery collaboration with Evotec in...



Luxembourg - For its tiny size, Luxembourg attracts a disproportionally huge amount of venture capital. Creabilis SA has raised €15m in a Series B funding round led by Abbott Biotech Ventures. "In Abbott, we have added another...



Munich/Amsterdam – Researchers from the LMU Munich and the Aca­demic Medical Center Amsterdam have found a way to predict disease outcome in patients with life-threatening bacterial meningitis. In a nation­wide genetic...



Utrecht – Consuming fish or fish oil capsules may be a bad idea for cancer patients, according to Dutch researchers. In mid-September, a team headed by Emile Voest from the University Medical Centre Utrecht reported such products...



Rotterdam – Finnish oil refining company Neste Oil corporation has kick-started production in Europe’s largest renewable diesel refinery in Rotterdam. The plant has a capacity of 800,000 tonnes a year, and this will be ramped up...



Brussels – A European gateway to life science capacities has been launched (www.toolsofscience.eu) that is aimed at providing a novel resource for identifying the best facilities and service companies from among 13 bioregions...



Stockholm/Leiden/Barcelona – A complicated ménage a trois has come to an end: Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB, Pharming Group N.V. and Esteve S.A. announced at the beginning of September that they were terminating a 2004 deal...



Bunnik – AM-Pharma B.V. has raised €29.2m. The Dutch company plans to spend the money on delivering a human recombinant form of Alkaline Phosphatase (AP) as a treatment for Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) from preclinical stages to the...



Utrecht – Researchers at University Medical Center Utrecht have dealt a blow to the advocates of allegedly healthy fish oil. The substance which is again and again named as a helpful substance for cancer patients, seems instead...

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