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Gene Summit in the Year of the Helix


In mid-September more than 450 top scientists from genetics and biotechnology as well as representatives of biotech companies attended the two-day international Gene Forum 2003 held in the Vanemuine Conference Hall in Tartu. All participants assured that the constant improvement of the knowledge about the genetic background of humans enables to fight diseases more effectively.

“We have to understand genetics to fight human diseases.” This appeal was the quintessence of the 4th International Congress “Gene Forum 2003” which was held from September 12-13 in the Estonian city of Tartu. “At least one fifth of the participants were from abroad”, said Prof. Andres Metspalu, head of the Scientific Programme Committee of the Forum.
This year's event was subtitled “50 Years of Double Helix” in commemoration of the elucidation of DNA's molecular structure by Francis Crick and James Watson 50 years ago. Additionally, Watson's “The Double Helix” translation into Estonian was published and presented at the forum. Sort of late, one may sarcastically add, since the original version was published back in 1968, but given that Estonia is driving it's well known Genome Project forward with high-speed (see also page 20) the baltic scientists assured, they have understood the genetic topics very well.
Organized by the Estonian Genome Foundation some 25 speakers discussed the new possibilities of genetics and biotechnology that have been developed during the past 50 years. As keynote speaker Prof. Rolf Zinkernagel, Institute of Experimental Immunology, University of Zurich, and 1996 Nobel Laureate in Medicine for discoveries concerning the specificity of the cell-mediated immune defence, introduced the mechanisms of immunological memory and the possibilities of working out new vaccines.
A special session on biobanks included the lectures of the representatives of the Estonian Genome Project Foundation, Iceland's Gene Bank as well as the UK Biobank Project. Dr John Newton, Chief Executive Officer of the UK Biobank Project, recognized the success of the Estonian project and emphasized that today there is a common understanding in the world about the need to establish biobanks.
In a session dedicated to pharmacogenetics Prof. Hannu Raunio, University of Kuopio, Finland, and Prof. Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm - amongst others - gave an overview on the expectations of pharmaceutical industry related to the development of genetics. According to estimates, only some 30% of patients respond adequately to drug treatment and about 10% may experience adverse side effects. Representing the German biotechnology company febit AG, Markus Beier, Director of Application Development, introduced the microarray plattform “geniom one”. Febit claims that the system helps to manage the large amounts of data hand-in-hand with the sequence analysis in genome projects.
As the winner of the second Biotechnology Award, established last year by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Estonian Genome Foundation, Quattromed Ltd., was awarded with Euro3.500. The spin-off company of the University of Tartu submitted a project that dealt with recombinant viruses and cell lines.

Baltic Countries


Vilnius - Thermo Fisher Scientific has bought buys Fermentas International, one of Lithiania's biggest biotechnology outfits for EUR212 million. Fermentas, with headquarters in Burlington, Canada, and principal operations in...

Baltic Countries


Riga – Latvian producer of active pharmaceuticals ingredients Grindeks has baggedEUR4.1m in funding from the European Regional Development Fund to build a new 1,400 m2 plant for the production of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA). The...

Baltic Countries


Kaunas/Martin – Lithuania’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer Sanitas AB transferred its ownership in Slovakia’s HBM Pharma sro to the Lat­vian company SIA Liplats 2000 at the end of April. The companies have agreed to transfer...

Baltic Countries


Riga – Starting in June, Lithuanian researchers involved in FP7 funding projects have the possibility to receive national co-funding if the EU funding programme does not cover 100% of the project cost. Additionally, a new grant...

Baltic Countries


Riga – Pharmaceutical manufacturer Grindeks is continuing to expand. After opening a representative office in Uzbekistan, the company has now signed an agreement with Wake Forest University’s School of Medicine (US) to supply...

Baltic Countries


Riga – The Latvian Government will be funding a EUR6 million vaccination programme over the next three years. The programme will cover vaccinations against tuberculosis, hepatitis B, tetanus, tick encephalitis, influenza, polio,...

Baltic Countries


Vilnius/Brussels – For the first time, the European Commission has taken a member state of the European Union to the European Court of Justice because it refuses to take a biosimilar from the market. Lithuania has refused to...

Baltic Countries


Riga – Latvia’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer, JSC Grindeks, has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with two pharmaceutical companies in Belarus during the third meeting of the “Latvian-Byelorussian Inter-Governmental...

Baltic Countries


Riga – JSC Grindeks has improved its half-year result in 2007. In the first six months of this year, the company‘s revenues grew by 25% to €37.1 million. Half of Grindeks made most sales in Russia (€18.8 million, +8%), and other...

Baltic Countries


Kaunas – Sanitas AB group net profits have risen by almost seven times (598%) to a6.2 million in the first quarter of 2007 compared to last year, the Lithuanian pharmaceutical manufacturer reported at the end of May. Turnover...

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