The secrets of marine superglue


Bremen/Vienna/Galway – A novel protein glue that helps colonies of the barnacle Dosima fascicularis to float on the surface of the water and stick to vessels could inspire the next revolution in medicine and material sciences. Researchers from Vienna University, the Fraunhofer-IFAM in Bremen and the National University of Ireland at Galway say it doesn’t appear to be toxic, it adheres to materials such as teflon, and is available in huge amounts for analysis. They have just begun characterising the barnacle’s cement. “The glue is a completely new system that is not yet patented, which makes it a highly attractive research field,” explained Dr. Ingo Grunwald from the Fraunhofer-IFAM. While Grunwald is analysing the protein sequence of the acid (pH 2.5) superglue, which polymerises when secreted, his co-worker Waltraud Klepal in Vienna is analysing its structure and the way it is produced in Dosima. The Irish group under Anne Marie Power is looking at adhesion and cohesion mechanisms. The goal of the project, which is running until 2012, is to develop a glue that mimics the properties of the glue from the sea.



Vienna – Apeiron Biologics has entered into an exclusive option with the Cleveland Clinic to license a number of novel compounds that are currently in development there. The drug candidates are designed to fight cancer by...



Vienna – Austrian vaccine specialist Intercell has halted the development of its travellers’ diarrhea vaccine patch after the product failed in a Phase III trial. The company’s management says it will now align its structure to...

Clinical Trial, AustriaAustria


Vienna – Austrian Nabriva Therapeutics AG has recruited 210 patients for a Phase II study with its antibiotic BC-3781, a substance for treating acute bacterial skin infections. In the study, Nabriva will compare response rates of...



Vienna/Darmstadt – Austrian Apeiron Biologics AG has in-licensed Merck's KgaA’s antibody-interleukin fusion protein hu14.18-IL2 for an undisclosed sum. The drug candidate, that is ready to be tested in Phase III studies, binds to...



Vienna – Austrian Affiris AG has bagged EUR368.000 from the Michael J. Fox Foundation within the Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative for completion of preclinical development of its PD01 vaccine against Parkinson’s...



Innsbruck – Cholesterol-lowering drugs widely used to prevent heart disease can also boost anti-cancer effect of interleukine-2 (IL-2) immune therapy. When added to tumour cell cultures treated with IL-2, statins dose-dependently...

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