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Vienna – Austrian vaccine specialist Intercell AG has landed a new partner for its therapeutic vaccine IC41 against chronic infections with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) after Novartis quit a a 270m partnership with the firm this summer. In Octo­ber, the company announced it will begin working with Florida-based Romark Laboratories L.C. in clinical development. Clinical Phase II trials that are expected to be initiated in the first half of 2011 will focus on testing a combination of Intercell’s therapeutic peptide vaccine with Romark’s antiviral thiazol compound nitazoxanide in 60 treatment-naive patients. The endpoint of the study – “no detectable HCV RNA 24 weeks after end-of-treatment”– will be determined in three study arms: IC41+nitazoxanide, IC41+nitazoxanide+ peg-interferon a2a (Pegasys®) and the current treatment standard Pegasys®+ ribavirin.
In a previous proof-of-concept Phase II trial with 50 previously untreated patients, Intercell says IC41 had achieved “viral load reductions of more than 75 % in patients with high baseline RNA levels for at least 6 months.” IC41 consists of five synthetic peptides (IPEP83, 84, 87, 89, 1426) harbouring CD4 and CD8 T-cell epitopes of HCV and the synthetic adjuvant poly-L-arginine.



Vienna – Apeiron Biologics has entered into an exclusive option with the Cleveland Clinic to license a number of novel compounds that are currently in development there. The drug candidates are designed to fight cancer by...



Vienna – Austrian vaccine specialist Intercell has halted the development of its travellers’ diarrhea vaccine patch after the product failed in a Phase III trial. The company’s management says it will now align its structure to...

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Vienna – Austrian Nabriva Therapeutics AG has recruited 210 patients for a Phase II study with its antibiotic BC-3781, a substance for treating acute bacterial skin infections. In the study, Nabriva will compare response rates of...



Vienna/Darmstadt – Austrian Apeiron Biologics AG has in-licensed Merck's KgaA’s antibody-interleukin fusion protein hu14.18-IL2 for an undisclosed sum. The drug candidate, that is ready to be tested in Phase III studies, binds to...



Vienna – Austrian Affiris AG has bagged EUR368.000 from the Michael J. Fox Foundation within the Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative for completion of preclinical development of its PD01 vaccine against Parkinson’s...



Innsbruck – Cholesterol-lowering drugs widely used to prevent heart disease can also boost anti-cancer effect of interleukine-2 (IL-2) immune therapy. When added to tumour cell cultures treated with IL-2, statins dose-dependently...

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