• Financing€87m for Cambridge Cluster fund

      €87m for Cambridge Cluster fund

      Cambridge University-allied investor Cambridge Innovation Capital has raised £75m (€87m) to reinvest in technology and healthcare companies. Among the backers were Woodford Investment and Winton Ventures. more

    • R&DPriority review for Genmab’s Darzalex?

      Priority review for Genmab’s Darzalex?

      Together with partner Johnson & Johnson, Danish biotech Genmab is now one step closer to FDA approval with its combination treatment for multiple myeloma after its submission of a supplemental Biologics License Application. In July, Genmab was... more

    • ResearchPost-Brexit EU funding secured

      Post-Brexit EU funding secured

      Philip Hammond, the UK’S chancellor has announced the government will guarantee funding for EU-backed "structural and investment fund" projects whose timelines extend beyond the UK’s departure from the EU, provided the projects are signed prior to... more

    • Stock marketsEpigenomics considers US listing

      Epigenomics considers US listing

      Back in April, the American FDA gave the green light for the colorectal cancer-screening test Epi procolon. Now Berlin-based diagnostics specialist Epigenomics is considering a secondary listing in the US. A draft of the required registration... more

    • LicensingGenmab in HIV antibody deal

      Genmab in HIV antibody deal

      Danish Genmab AS has granted Gilead Sciences license to use its DuoBody technology platform to develop bispecific antibodies for the treatment of HIV. The deal is worth up to €252m. more


    More Bio-People

    • Dab hand at finances

      04.08.2016 US- and UK-based genomics company Inivata has appointed Timothy Shannon as Chief Financial Officer. Shannon joins... more

    • Keeping an eye on monitoring

      02.08.2016 Philippe Dro is taking over the helm of NeMoDevices AG, a Switzerland-based developer in the innovative monitoring of... more

    • Product pro

      29.07.2016 UK diagnostics company Arquer Diagnostics Ltd has appointed Louise Flintoft as product mananger. Flintoft will be... more

    • Well-versed in regulation

      25.07.2016 Swedish rare disease expert Wilson Therapeutics AB has appointed global regulatory executive Rick Lilley as Chief... more

    Mix Videos

    Seite:21348 The threat of invasive species

    Invasive species can have an enormous impact on the environment. This TED-Ed explains what an… more

    Seite:21346 The new superbug!

    Is the end of antibiotics not far off? SciShow explains the facts behind the antibiotic resistance… more

    Seite:21294 TTIP: What's in it for patients?

    TTIP is causing a heated debate throughout Europe. In this video, pharma association EFPIA explains… more

    Seite:21282 What is genetic modification?

    Amid much controversy around GMO, this video from the Royal Society explains the fundamentals: What… more

    Seite:21265 The magic of slime molds

    The mysterious slime mold is a very simple organism, neither plant, nor animal, nor fungus. And yet… more

    Seite:21248 The walk and jump of the plant spore

    Spores of a living fossil plant are bound to be unusual. Watch how the plant’s spores manage to… more

    Seite:21213 Marvelous Medusa

    Almost 4,000 metres under the sea, the Okeanos Explorer met this colourful inhabitant: a deep-sea… more

    Seite:20919 2015 Breakthrough of the Year by Science Magazine

    Is it CRISPR? Of course it is CRISPR! Watch why it was picked as Science’ Breakthrough of the Year… more

    Seite:20851 The future of fake meat

    Will tomorrow’s burger be grown in a lab? This video by the American Chemical Society shows the now… more

    Seite:20644 WHO: ‘Antibiotics: Handle with care’ campaign video

    Antibiotic Resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health today. This WHO campaign video… more

    Seite:20643 How microbes make food delicious

    Germs in food are gross? Not at all! In fact, without some of these beneficial microorganisms, we’d… more

    Seite:20506 Genome Editing with CRISPR-Cas9

    Everybody is talking about genome editing and CRISPR/Cas9 – but how exactly does the method work?… more

    Seite:20382 Science Wars

    Which scientific field is the most important? In this Acapella parody of Star Wars, the makers of… more

    Seite:20381 Are stupid people more confident?

    Why don't stupid people understand that they are, in fact, stupid? Or incompetent? There is a… more

    Seite:20380 Can a plastic-eating worm solve the trash problem?

    This worm is good news for the environment! Meet the plastic-eating meal worm, the great white hope… more

    Seite:20378 Why Don’t Scientists Use Female Mice?

    Recent studies have shown that female mice are rarely used for lab experiments, but what… more

    Seite:20290 Ig Nobel Prize winners 2015

    The Ig Nobel price is given out to the most absurd academic studies each year. See the “winners” of… more

    Seite:20289 10 Antimicrobial Resistance Facts

    Superbugs, or antimicrobial drug resistant bacteria, are on the rise worldwide. Watchmojo explains… more

    Seite:20018 WHO: Influenza, an Unpredictable Threat

    The flu - just another name for the common cold? To the contrary! The potentially fatal virus… more

    Seite:20006 The “natural vs. artificial food” myth

    Chemicals are bad for you? Natural food is best? AsapSCIENCE takes a stab at some common food… more

    Seite:19898 Diseases that used to be death sentences

    In the past, there were many diseases that would mean certain death. Today, they are treatable,… more

    Seite:19897 Studies that could lead to a cure for blindness

    Blindness used to be for life, but now scientists are working hard to find ways to restore… more

    Seite:19768 Bacteria in your gut and stool transplants

    Although microbial or stool transplants have shown promising results, they still reside at the… more

    Seite:19706 Artifical neuron mimicks function of human cells

    Swedish scientists have created artificial neurons that are capable of mimicking the function of… more

    Seite:19612 Can herpes help fight cancer?

    Is it possible to modify the herpes simplex virus to fight skin cancer? Physicians have recently… more

    Seite:19617 Genome Engineering with CRISPR/Cas9

    Everybody’s talking about CRISPR/Cas9 - but how was it first discovered? Jennifer Doudna talks shop. more

    Seite:19611 Why is there no cure for cancer yet?

    Have you ever stopped to wonder why we still haven’t cured cancer? The SciShow explains why this is… more

    Seite:19556 The science of biosimilars

    What are biologics, and why are they so expensive? In this video, biosimilar maker Hospira explains… more

    Seite:19538 HIV/AIDS and how it is treated

    How does HIV attack the human immune system and why is it so hard to treat? more

    Seite:19445 How do the measles attack?

    How do measles attack the human body and its immune system? And how does the body manage to get the… more

    Seite:19353 Why do we die?

    What happens in our body when we get old and die? This animated video explains. more

    Seite:19352 How to sequence the human genome

    Sequencing the human genome: what's it all about? This TED Ed video explains the science behind the… more

    Seite:19200 Bioethics: Where to draw the line?

    From test-tube baby to three-parent baby: How do we know what is ethically acceptable and what is… more

    Seite:19024 How immunotherapy could help boost the immune system

    How does the immune system target infected or cancerous cells? And how can immunotherapy help cure… more

    Seite:19041 Who invented bio-plastics?

    Learn which pioneer invented biodegradable plastic in this video by the European Patent Office. more

    Seite:19028 Close-up with CRISPR-Cas9

    What makes the gene editing CRISPR-Cas9 tool so special? And how could the groundbreaking new… more

    Seite:18996 Lab Slaves (“Royals” Parody)

    This musical parody, nominated for the 2015 lab grammys, describes the life and work of an… more

    Seite:18935 Why do we laugh when we're tickled?

    This video by Head Squeeze shows us the science behind why we laugh when we're tickled. more

    Seite:18914 Why does the placebo effect work?

    Why do we feel better if we only think we have taken medicine? This video by the Royal Institution… more

    Seite:18625 Dance Your PhD Contest: Winner 2014

    Uma Nagendra, a plant biologist at the University of of Georgia at Athens, has won the top prize… more

    Seite:18764 How the Ebola outbreak started

    The video tells the story how the Ebola virus spread from patient zero and went on to become the… more

    Seite:18717 Weird Sources of New Drugs

    Antibiotics from cockroach brains and alligator blood? The SciShow video shows in what weird places… more

    Seite:18457 Why don't we all have cancer?

    Shouldn’t we all have cancer all the time? The makers of Vsauce look for an answer in this video. more

    Seite:18651 Reinventing the dodo

    What would happen if synthetic biologists managed to resurrect the long-extinct dodo? This… more


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    Heard in Brussels

    More Articles

    Marketplace Videos

    Seite:21686 XPE Lab Balances in Action

    When weighing small samples, electrostatic forces might influence your results. Watch XPE balances… more

    Seite:19905 Introducing the new Thermo Scientific ClipTip Pipetting System

    It’s time to forget the way you used to pipette. The ClipTip will transform your daily pipetting… more

    Seite:18947 Healthcare Industry and Life Sciences in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

    A new ten-minute promotional film produced by the state economic development agency Invest in MV… more

    Seite:18213 nCounter® PanCancer Pathways Panel

    Introduction of NanoString's PanCancer Pathways Panel, a novel set of 700 essential genes… more

    Seite:18151 The new Eppendorf Cell Culture Consumables

    Eppendorf Cell Culture Plates, Dishes und Flasks: Learn more about the Eppendorf Cell Culture… more

    Seite:17826 Overview of New England Biolabs

    This Video gives an Introduction into the work of New England Biolabs. more

    Seite:17778 New England Biolabs - DNA Polymerase

    Choosing the correct DNA polymerase for PCR depends on many factors. more

    Seite:17747 New England Biolabs - Gibson Assembly

    See an introduction into Gibson Assembly of New England Biolabs. more

    Seite:17087 LifeTechnologies changing flow cytometry

    See the next big advancement in flow cytometry with acoustic Focusing. more

    Seite:17132 EBE: The voice for biopharmaceuticals in Europe

    EBE aims to to foster innovation and promote favorable business and regulatory conditions for… more

    Seite:16876 Tosoh's EcoSEC GPC system

    Learn more about the high performance all-in-one system, which is a new, dedicated GPC instrument… more

    Seite:16727 Eppendorf Micromanipulation-System Trailer

    Smooth Operator - New Eppendorf micromanipulator TransferMan® 4r with unprecedented movement… more

    Seite:16675 Tosoh - Affinity Chromatography

    Affinity Chromatography (AFC) is based on the specific adsorption of a molecule to a ligand of… more

    Seite:16557 The new Legend: Eppendorf Reference® 2 pipette

    Even though a pipette is a precision instrument, in daily life it cannot always be handled with… more

    Seite:16522 Sustainable Biofuel made from straw: cellulosic ethanol

    Using agricultural residues for the production of biofuels offers highest greenhouse gas savings of… more

    Seite:16376 Hamilton VANTAGE™

    Hamilton's most innovative liquid handler: The Integrated Simplicity with simple assay programming,… more

    Seite:16351 Randox  RX Monaco Clinical Chemistry Analyser

    The RX monaco is a fully automated, cost effective solution for low to mid volume clinical… more

    Seite:16263 PIRO® Pipetting Robot

    The PIRO® is very easy to program and can be used for many liquid handling needs starting from… more

    Seite:16115 How to create a genetic element or construct

    This is a short video showing how to get better efficiency and flexibility when cloning using… more

    Seite:15779 CyBi-FeliX

    CyBi-FeliX is a compact liquid handling platform with 12 deck positions for every lab bench and… more

    Seite:15642 Bioinnovation International Summit 2013 & ScanBalt Forum 2013

    The “Bioinnovation International Summit” (Oct. 16th-18th 2013) is a result of an innovative… more

    Seite:15553 Introducing the LI-COR C-DiGit Chemiluminescent Western Blot Scanner

    The C-DiGit Blot Scanner is a truly affordable digital replacement for film that combines the… more

    Seite:14500 Principles of gel filtration chromatography

    Gel filtration is the simplest and mildest of all the liquid chromatography techniques and… more

    Seite:14261 Eppendorf Consumables -- Reliability for Your Applications

    Don't leave your results to chance Eppendorf's consumables are produced according to the highest… more

    Seite:14183 HiTrap™ Protein A & G

    This video gives tips and tricks for getting the best out of HiTrap™ Protein G HP and HiTrap… more

    Seite:14122 Rapid Gel Filtration

    This video will show you four rapid gel filtration applications using Superdex™ 75 and 200 5/150… more

    Seite:14019 How to image chemiluminescent Western blots

    GE Healthcare Life Sciences presents ImageQuant ™ LAS 500, a CCD camera based imager that can… more

    Seite:13964 How to purify target protein

    This video is a graphical illustration of how to purify a target protein from a crude sample with… more

    Seite:13827 Mag Sepharose Instruction Video

    Simplify handling for small-scale sample preparation prior to protein analysis and characterization. more

    Seite:13771 Hands-on-Demonstration Western Blotting

    Learn the basics of Western blotting to ensure high quality results. more

    Seite:13615 Chubb's market leading human clinical trial management solution

    Who insures you doesn't matter. Until it does. Chubb WORLDCert is a state-of-the-art, interactive… more

    Seite:13208 Telling stories with sand

    By drawing lines and figures in the sand with their hands sand animators create a series of images… more

    Seite:12840 Famously Unpronounceable

    Ray Cokes was once a famous MTV presenter. In this crazy commercial he presents Boehringer's latest… more

    Seite:12846 Stop motion with PCR Tubes

    They are essential for every PCR: Small PCR Tubes. But the tiny, colourful tubes have abilities… more

    Seite:12847 Eddy Jet

    Forget about serial delutions, spatula and Bunsen burner. With Eddy Jet plates are processed in… more


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