• R&DGSK picks up asthma mAb

      GSK picks up asthma mAb

      GlaxoSmithKline has in-licensed Janssen’s anti-IL-33R monoclonal antibody for severe asthma. The British drugmaker is paying €208m up front for the mAb. more

    • ResearchBrexit: calls for reassurance

      Brexit: calls for reassurance

      In view of the Brexit, research academies across Britain are calling for a “bold commitment” from the government. The Royal Society President urges the UK government to underwrite the research of British scientists applying for EU funding. more

    • FinancingFunds for MDx manufacture

      Funds for MDx manufacture

      Belgian molecular diagnostics company Biocartis Group NV has raised €55m and will use the funds mainly to expand manufacturing capacities for its PCR-based molecular diagnostics system Idylla. more

    • Stock marketsIPO pay off for French biotechs

      IPO pay off for French biotechs

      It is Europe’s first gene therapy company to float on Euronext: Gensight raised €40m in its IPO. And it is not the only French company that has taken the leap in an uncertain market climate – Alzheimer’s expert Pharnext also went public. more

    • ResearchOut of this world: UK tech in space

      Out of this world: UK tech in space

      When NASA blasted off to the International Space Station on Monday morning, it had UK tech on board. A miniature DNA sequencer from Oxford Nanopore will be used to keep an eye on the ISS atmosphere – and may even analyse alien DNA one day. more


    More Bio-People

    • Product pro

      29.07.2016 UK diagnostics company Arquer Diagnostics Ltd has appointed Louise Flintoft as product mananger. Flintoft will be... more

    • Well-versed in regulation

      25.07.2016 Swedish rare disease expert Wilson Therapeutics AB has appointed global regulatory executive Rick Lilley as Chief... more

    • Trading up

      20.07.2016 Eduardo Bravo takes over as President of the Board of Directors of European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises (EBE). Bravo... more

    • Neurological disorder specialist

      18.07.2016 Uwe Meya is taking over as Chief Medical Officer at Barcelona-based orphan drug developer Minoryx Therapeutics. Meya... more

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    Seite:21348 The threat of invasive species

    Invasive species can have an enormous impact on the environment. This TED-Ed explains what an… more

    Seite:21346 The new superbug!

    Is the end of antibiotics not far off? SciShow explains the facts behind the antibiotic resistance… more

    Seite:21294 TTIP: What's in it for patients?

    TTIP is causing a heated debate throughout Europe. In this video, pharma association EFPIA explains… more

    Seite:21282 What is genetic modification?

    Amid much controversy around GMO, this video from the Royal Society explains the fundamentals: What… more

    Seite:21265 The magic of slime molds

    The mysterious slime mold is a very simple organism, neither plant, nor animal, nor fungus. And yet… more

    Seite:21248 The walk and jump of the plant spore

    Spores of a living fossil plant are bound to be unusual. Watch how the plant’s spores manage to… more

    Seite:21213 Marvelous Medusa

    Almost 4,000 metres under the sea, the Okeanos Explorer met this colourful inhabitant: a deep-sea… more

    Seite:20919 2015 Breakthrough of the Year by Science Magazine

    Is it CRISPR? Of course it is CRISPR! Watch why it was picked as Science’ Breakthrough of the Year… more

    Seite:20851 The future of fake meat

    Will tomorrow’s burger be grown in a lab? This video by the American Chemical Society shows the now… more

    Seite:20644 WHO: ‘Antibiotics: Handle with care’ campaign video

    Antibiotic Resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health today. This WHO campaign video… more

    Seite:20643 How microbes make food delicious

    Germs in food are gross? Not at all! In fact, without some of these beneficial microorganisms, we’d… more

    Seite:20506 Genome Editing with CRISPR-Cas9

    Everybody is talking about genome editing and CRISPR/Cas9 – but how exactly does the method work?… more

    Seite:20382 Science Wars

    Which scientific field is the most important? In this Acapella parody of Star Wars, the makers of… more

    Seite:20381 Are stupid people more confident?

    Why don't stupid people understand that they are, in fact, stupid? Or incompetent? There is a… more

    Seite:20380 Can a plastic-eating worm solve the trash problem?

    This worm is good news for the environment! Meet the plastic-eating meal worm, the great white hope… more

    Seite:20378 Why Don’t Scientists Use Female Mice?

    Recent studies have shown that female mice are rarely used for lab experiments, but what… more

    Seite:20290 Ig Nobel Prize winners 2015

    The Ig Nobel price is given out to the most absurd academic studies each year. See the “winners” of… more

    Seite:20289 10 Antimicrobial Resistance Facts

    Superbugs, or antimicrobial drug resistant bacteria, are on the rise worldwide. Watchmojo explains… more

    Seite:20018 WHO: Influenza, an Unpredictable Threat

    The flu - just another name for the common cold? To the contrary! The potentially fatal virus… more

    Seite:20006 The “natural vs. artificial food” myth

    Chemicals are bad for you? Natural food is best? AsapSCIENCE takes a stab at some common food… more

    Seite:19898 Diseases that used to be death sentences

    In the past, there were many diseases that would mean certain death. Today, they are treatable,… more

    Seite:19897 Studies that could lead to a cure for blindness

    Blindness used to be for life, but now scientists are working hard to find ways to restore… more

    Seite:19768 Bacteria in your gut and stool transplants

    Although microbial or stool transplants have shown promising results, they still reside at the… more

    Seite:19706 Artifical neuron mimicks function of human cells

    Swedish scientists have created artificial neurons that are capable of mimicking the function of… more

    Seite:19612 Can herpes help fight cancer?

    Is it possible to modify the herpes simplex virus to fight skin cancer? Physicians have recently… more

    Seite:19617 Genome Engineering with CRISPR/Cas9

    Everybody’s talking about CRISPR/Cas9 - but how was it first discovered? Jennifer Doudna talks shop. more

    Seite:19611 Why is there no cure for cancer yet?

    Have you ever stopped to wonder why we still haven’t cured cancer? The SciShow explains why this is… more

    Seite:19556 The science of biosimilars

    What are biologics, and why are they so expensive? In this video, biosimilar maker Hospira explains… more

    Seite:19538 HIV/AIDS and how it is treated

    How does HIV attack the human immune system and why is it so hard to treat? more

    Seite:19445 How do the measles attack?

    How do measles attack the human body and its immune system? And how does the body manage to get the… more

    Seite:19353 Why do we die?

    What happens in our body when we get old and die? This animated video explains. more

    Seite:19352 How to sequence the human genome

    Sequencing the human genome: what's it all about? This TED Ed video explains the science behind the… more

    Seite:19200 Bioethics: Where to draw the line?

    From test-tube baby to three-parent baby: How do we know what is ethically acceptable and what is… more

    Seite:19024 How immunotherapy could help boost the immune system

    How does the immune system target infected or cancerous cells? And how can immunotherapy help cure… more

    Seite:19041 Who invented bio-plastics?

    Learn which pioneer invented biodegradable plastic in this video by the European Patent Office. more

    Seite:19028 Close-up with CRISPR-Cas9

    What makes the gene editing CRISPR-Cas9 tool so special? And how could the groundbreaking new… more

    Seite:18996 Lab Slaves (“Royals” Parody)

    This musical parody, nominated for the 2015 lab grammys, describes the life and work of an… more

    Seite:18935 Why do we laugh when we're tickled?

    This video by Head Squeeze shows us the science behind why we laugh when we're tickled. more

    Seite:18914 Why does the placebo effect work?

    Why do we feel better if we only think we have taken medicine? This video by the Royal Institution… more

    Seite:18625 Dance Your PhD Contest: Winner 2014

    Uma Nagendra, a plant biologist at the University of of Georgia at Athens, has won the top prize… more

    Seite:18764 How the Ebola outbreak started

    The video tells the story how the Ebola virus spread from patient zero and went on to become the… more

    Seite:18717 Weird Sources of New Drugs

    Antibiotics from cockroach brains and alligator blood? The SciShow video shows in what weird places… more

    Seite:18457 Why don't we all have cancer?

    Shouldn’t we all have cancer all the time? The makers of Vsauce look for an answer in this video. more

    Seite:18651 Reinventing the dodo

    What would happen if synthetic biologists managed to resurrect the long-extinct dodo? This… more


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    Heard in Brussels

    More Articles

    Marketplace Videos

    Seite:19905 Introducing the new Thermo Scientific ClipTip Pipetting System

    It’s time to forget the way you used to pipette. The ClipTip will transform your daily pipetting… more

    Seite:18947 Healthcare Industry and Life Sciences in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

    A new ten-minute promotional film produced by the state economic development agency Invest in MV… more

    Seite:18213 nCounter® PanCancer Pathways Panel

    Introduction of NanoString's PanCancer Pathways Panel, a novel set of 700 essential genes… more

    Seite:18151 The new Eppendorf Cell Culture Consumables

    Eppendorf Cell Culture Plates, Dishes und Flasks: Learn more about the Eppendorf Cell Culture… more

    Seite:17826 Overview of New England Biolabs

    This Video gives an Introduction into the work of New England Biolabs. more

    Seite:17778 New England Biolabs - DNA Polymerase

    Choosing the correct DNA polymerase for PCR depends on many factors. more

    Seite:17747 New England Biolabs - Gibson Assembly

    See an introduction into Gibson Assembly of New England Biolabs. more

    Seite:17087 LifeTechnologies changing flow cytometry

    See the next big advancement in flow cytometry with acoustic Focusing. more

    Seite:17132 EBE: The voice for biopharmaceuticals in Europe

    EBE aims to to foster innovation and promote favorable business and regulatory conditions for… more

    Seite:16876 Tosoh's EcoSEC GPC system

    Learn more about the high performance all-in-one system, which is a new, dedicated GPC instrument… more

    Seite:16727 Eppendorf Micromanipulation-System Trailer

    Smooth Operator - New Eppendorf micromanipulator TransferMan® 4r with unprecedented movement… more

    Seite:16675 Tosoh - Affinity Chromatography

    Affinity Chromatography (AFC) is based on the specific adsorption of a molecule to a ligand of… more

    Seite:16557 The new Legend: Eppendorf Reference® 2 pipette

    Even though a pipette is a precision instrument, in daily life it cannot always be handled with… more

    Seite:16522 Sustainable Biofuel made from straw: cellulosic ethanol

    Using agricultural residues for the production of biofuels offers highest greenhouse gas savings of… more

    Seite:16376 Hamilton VANTAGE™

    Hamilton's most innovative liquid handler: The Integrated Simplicity with simple assay programming,… more

    Seite:16351 Randox  RX Monaco Clinical Chemistry Analyser

    The RX monaco is a fully automated, cost effective solution for low to mid volume clinical… more

    Seite:16263 PIRO® Pipetting Robot

    The PIRO® is very easy to program and can be used for many liquid handling needs starting from… more

    Seite:16115 How to create a genetic element or construct

    This is a short video showing how to get better efficiency and flexibility when cloning using… more

    Seite:15779 CyBi-FeliX

    CyBi-FeliX is a compact liquid handling platform with 12 deck positions for every lab bench and… more

    Seite:15642 Bioinnovation International Summit 2013 & ScanBalt Forum 2013

    The “Bioinnovation International Summit” (Oct. 16th-18th 2013) is a result of an innovative… more

    Seite:15553 Introducing the LI-COR C-DiGit Chemiluminescent Western Blot Scanner

    The C-DiGit Blot Scanner is a truly affordable digital replacement for film that combines the… more

    Seite:14500 Principles of gel filtration chromatography

    Gel filtration is the simplest and mildest of all the liquid chromatography techniques and… more

    Seite:14261 Eppendorf Consumables -- Reliability for Your Applications

    Don't leave your results to chance Eppendorf's consumables are produced according to the highest… more

    Seite:14183 HiTrap™ Protein A & G

    This video gives tips and tricks for getting the best out of HiTrap™ Protein G HP and HiTrap… more

    Seite:14122 Rapid Gel Filtration

    This video will show you four rapid gel filtration applications using Superdex™ 75 and 200 5/150… more

    Seite:14019 How to image chemiluminescent Western blots

    GE Healthcare Life Sciences presents ImageQuant ™ LAS 500, a CCD camera based imager that can… more

    Seite:13964 How to purify target protein

    This video is a graphical illustration of how to purify a target protein from a crude sample with… more

    Seite:13827 Mag Sepharose Instruction Video

    Simplify handling for small-scale sample preparation prior to protein analysis and characterization. more

    Seite:13771 Hands-on-Demonstration Western Blotting

    Learn the basics of Western blotting to ensure high quality results. more

    Seite:13615 Chubb's market leading human clinical trial management solution

    Who insures you doesn't matter. Until it does. Chubb WORLDCert is a state-of-the-art, interactive… more

    Seite:13208 Telling stories with sand

    By drawing lines and figures in the sand with their hands sand animators create a series of images… more

    Seite:12840 Famously Unpronounceable

    Ray Cokes was once a famous MTV presenter. In this crazy commercial he presents Boehringer's latest… more

    Seite:12846 Stop motion with PCR Tubes

    They are essential for every PCR: Small PCR Tubes. But the tiny, colourful tubes have abilities… more

    Seite:12847 Eddy Jet

    Forget about serial delutions, spatula and Bunsen burner. With Eddy Jet plates are processed in… more


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