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    • Strategic growth driver

      29.09.2014 After serving on the board since January 2014 at Abcam plc, Alan Hirzel has been appointed as the new CEO of Abcam – a... more

    • Rare disease champion

      26.09.2014 Drug discovery and development company Novimmune SA has named Adrian Mills as the company’s new CBO and member of the... more

    • Pharma man

      23.09.2014 Reneuron Group, a leading UK-based stem cell therapy company, has appointed Olav Hellebø as their new Chief Executive... more

    • Cell expert

      22.09.2014 Frank Ubags has joined Cevec Pharmaceuticals to lead its new CMO initiative. more

    Europe in-depth

    Clinical Trials Data Policy

    EMA wavering on clinical trials data

    The European Medicines Agency's controversial policy on publication of clinical trial data is still not ready to be formally adopted. What is the dispute about?

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    Mix Videos

    Seite:18408 Amazing Technologies Inspired By Nature

    In this video, the makers of the FW:Thinking blog show the ways in which nature has paved the way… more

    Seite:18362 The 24th Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony

    At the Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony, otherwise no-nonsense researchers shows that they have a funny… more

    Seite:18293 Biotechnology at the Cutting Edge

    An introduction to four of today's top researchers in biotechnology who tell us what drew them to… more

    Seite:18291 TED Talk: Bringing biotechnology into the home

    In his talk at TEDxDublin, Cathal Garvey Bringing is talking about the DIYbio movement and… more

    Seite:18132 Supersize sperm from the past

    This Nature Video shows images of the oldest — and some of the biggest — fossilized sperm cells… more

    Seite:18221 What Is ALS and the Ice Bucket Challenge?

    What do ice buckets and a neurodegenerative disease have in common? The makers of… more

    Seite:18131 Top 5 Deadliest Diseases

    In this video, the makers of SciShow Youtube-channel introduce the five deadliest infectious… more

    Seite:18130 Insulin, Glucose and you

    This three-minute video explains how insulin - one of the many hormones produced in the human body… more

    Seite:18117 Dutch Minister of Health about antimicrobial resistance

    In an interview, Edith Schippers, the Netherland's Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports, spoke to… more

    Seite:18109 7 Myths About The Brain Explained

    The brain is amazing and complex, but our lack of understanding has led to a great variety of myths… more

    Seite:17982 Intellectual Property & the Pharma Industry

    It all starts with a new idea generated in the mind of a scientist. Without intellectual property,… more

    Seite:18073 Malaria - Life Cycle of the Plasmodium

    From infected Anopheles mosquito to human blood, liver and back: in this animation, the life cycle… more

    Seite:17981 Horizon 2020, how it works?

    An animated video by the European Commission that explains what Horizon2020 is and how it works. more

    Seite:17980 The Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking

    A short animated video that explains what BBI - the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking - is… more

    Seite:17979 What Is the Innovative Medicines Initiative?

    A short animated video about IMI, the Innovative Medicines Initiative. IMI is a €2bn research… more

    Seite:17796 Epigenetics: Why Women Are Stripey

    In this animated video, science video blog Veritasium explains why women have different active… more

    Seite:17758 Master's programme Bioeconomy at University of Hohenheim

    Unique in Germany: Master's programme for graduates from the areas of economics, engineering,… more

    Seite:17762 What is pop-up learning?

    Pop-up learning is a creative multimedia framework that can transform any complex scientific… more

    Seite:17665 The development of Herceptin, the first monoclonal cancer treatment

    A presentation outlining the research and development that led to Herceptin, the first monoclonal… more

    Seite:17557 The Bioeconomy starts here!

    You may have heard of the bioeconomy and wondered what it is all about. It describes a future in… more

    Seite:17253 Can You Genetically Enhance Yourself?

    "We don't get a say in what our genetics say in those 6 billion letters of DNA that make us us".… more

    Seite:17129 Lab Grammys 2014: Tale of a Post Doc

    This year’s Lab Grammy Award winner is the video "The Tale of a Post Doc", based on Queen's… more

    Seite:17076 They Might Be Giants: Cells

    "Life is made out of cells. Cells make copies of themselves, and they make copies of themselves..."… more

    Seite:16973 Science's Scientific Breakthrough of the Year 2013

    A video showing the top ten technologies that the journal Science has rated most influential in… more

    Seite:16967 What is Bionanotechnology?

    A basic animated introduction to bionanotechnology: taking the nano-scale building blocks of life… more

    Seite:16968 The journey of clinical trials

    An animation of the journey of clinical trials through the stages, narrated by Richard Bergström,… more

    Seite:16831 Medicines from the depths of the ocean

    As antibiotic resistance increases, expeditions are taking the quest for new medicines to the… more

    Seite:16814 Staying Dry

    Scientists used to think that surface areas stay dry best if droplets of the liquid recoil… more

    Seite:16761 A Boy And His Atom: The World's Smallest Movie

    This movie, produced by IBM, holds the world record for the smallest stop-motion film. Carbon… more

    Seite:16563 LISAvienna - Life Science Austria Vienna

    LISAvienna – Connecting Life Sciences: Find out more about the Life Science Location Vienna. more

    Seite:16422 Ph.Diddy at the Conference

    Animation of Life out of the Biotech lab: Arnold Young (aka the Ph.Diddy) is a biotech Ph.D… more

    Seite:16393 Clinical trials

    Back in 1747, James Lind had never heard about clinical trials! His ideas revolutionised our… more

    Seite:13181 Life Sciences in the Netherlands

    What comes to your mind when you think about the Netherlands? Flowers? Cheese? Life Sciences? Yes!… more

    Seite:12843 Grad School, I Love You (But You're Bringing Me Down)

    This is the winner of the Lab Grammy Awards 2012 starring Beaker from the muppets as a distressed… more

    Seite:12844 The Ph.Diddy is on the scene

    Arnold Young was an A+ student, and is now ready to take over the world of science! He soon… more

    Seite:12845 Lady Gaga in the lab

    How would Lady Gaga perform one of her greatest hits in a lab? With over three million views on… more


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